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2015-01-08 16:00 GMT+8

We are delivering the first “Short Interview” featuring Expats in Mongolia, who are working and enjoying live in Mongolia and UB city. We aim to share their experiences of living in Mongolia. First person we interviewed is Alexander Corey, Year 4 Teacher/Key Stage Two Coordinator at The British School of Ulaanbaatar. Certainly, it starts with “Why Mongolia?”

Why Mongolia? 
Well, I was in the Middle East, and a friend of mine was here looking for a teacher and I was looking for a new adventure. Mongolia sounded like a pretty cool adventure (literally and figuratively). 

UB is the coldest capital city?
Yes, indeed.

Most favorite thing to do or see in UB or in general what do you like about UB? 
Well, if we are talking strictly in UB, that is probably Wednesday night basketball, Tuesday night squash or Saturday Brunch at Rosewood. My favorite thing to do though is to get out into the countryside. It is full of beautiful scenery and people. 

Things you don`t like at all?
Standard things really, pollution, traffic and extreme nationalism. The thing is, I don't find any of that in the countryside. They are "city" issues, not "Mongolian" issues. I would like to see the economy start to improve again. The Tugrug has dropped quite a bit since I have come in 2012, but I am confident that the country will be able to turn it around. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. 

What would you suggest changing in UB?
The changes "needed" will be gradual, incremental and will have to come from Mongolia(ns), not an outside source. I think they will need to address health issues such as pollution and adequate care, infrastructure (particularly traffic) and creating a positive atmosphere for the economy to grow by investing in education and good institutions. 

What do you do when you miss your homeland?
Pick a direction and drive.

Please stay tuned for more interviews and insights about living in the coldest Capital city of the World.

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