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2015-01-26 14:11 GMT+8

We are delivering the next “Short Interview” featuring Expats in Mongolia, who are working and enjoying live in Mongolia and UB city. We aim to share their experiences of living in Mongolia. Our next guest is Chris Newton-Smith, who works as Art & Design Teacher at British School of Ulaanbaatar... Certainly, it starts with “Why Mongolia?”

Why Mongolia?
Well, I was looking to teach internationally after a few years in the UK, I almost ended up in Houston, USA, but that fell through. Whilst looking for other international jobs, I saw a post in Ulaanbaatar and thought, "Why not?". I wanted an adventure and I got one!

Is UB the coldest capital city?
I'd definitely say it's a contender. It's the only place I've visited that can freeze my facial hair in 5 minutes.

Most favorite thing to see in UB?
I'm a big fan of heading into the countryside to work on my photography portfolio, but UB wise, I enjoy Saturday brunch at Rosewood, cocktails at Monnis and I'm a big fan of the views from Zaisan Monument.

Things that you don't like at all?
The pollution is a big one, not a big fan of that. Also the driving here can be a little chaotic, a bit more patience and less selfishness would make the roads a much safer place

What would you suggest changing in UB?
The road system definitely needs improving, and maybe better public transport to help reduce traffic. Less traffic means less pollution!

What do you do when you miss your homeland?
Pies. Meat pies.

What were the myths about Mongolia that were total lies as you have come to know it in person?
It's a little hard to answer, being brought up in Livepool the only stories you really get of Mongolia are that of Chinggis Khan's reign. He is still perceived as a tyrant by some and it's a shame. I've learnt a great deal about him since living here and all of the good he did for not only Mongolia but all the countries or future countires he ruled over. I can say that I never expected the variety and international feelin of UB and how friendly and helpful the Mongolian people are, I've made many friends here and I'll continue to spread the word about Mongolia.

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