There is no legislation limiting convicted individuals to hold managing positions


2015-01-28 14:18 GMT+8

(Ulaanbaatar) Jan 28, President of Mongolian Olympic Committee (MOC) D.Zagdsuren made an announcement today in reply for the requests from Sports Federation Leaders to resign from the post.

In his announcement D.Zagdsuren said that he is leading the Mongolian Olympic Committee for 12 years and Independent Agency Against Corruption (IAAC) has investigated on possible money laundering for one year's period since February 2013 and concluded that:

  1. No embezzlement of money occured at both MOC and IOC
  2. Athletes Rehabilitation Center building was not built with funds from MOC
  3. Conviction of imprisonment for 3 years and deprivation of rights from the post for 2 years due to the abuse of the power and illegal transfer of the land under MOC to Niislel Urgoo LLC, which was pardoned in accordance with Pardon Bill of 2009.

Further he acknowledged that it was his fault that he overlooked the transfer of land issue to go through the Executive Council and the land has been transferred back under MOC with court ruling.

Also he denied claims that IOC allocates USD 200,000 every month to MOC, as the annual allocation from IOC equals to USD 300,000, which are directed to fund the administrative costs, projects and programs.

We clarified on the following issues from President of MOC D.Zagdsuren.

Leaders of Sports Federations have signed a petition for the President. What are your stances on this matter?
Most of the Sports Federations out of 19 that have signed on the petition are not members of MOC, therefore their petition is not valid.

They were claiming that there is no ethical grounds for you to lead the MOC?
In the MOC rule there is not provision that limits convicted individuals to hold managing position. Last year IOC investigated on this matter and came up with conclusion that it doesn't contradict any IOC rules. This is I believe the final conclusion.

Do you suspect any conflict of interest or fabricated rumors behind the representatives of the Sports Federations?
I do not know about that.

Thank you.

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