Are you ready for Tsagaan Sar? How much is silk, deel, hats and shoes?


2015-01-30 16:54 GMT+8

It has become a trend for Mongolians to dress in traditional Mongolian clothing during the Tsagaan Sar celebrations.

We have visited Narantuul market to get the prices for the silk, deel, shoes, hats and other related accessories that are popular during the Tsagaan Sar celebrations, with the thought that prices there might be reasonable.

Silk is around 16.000₮-18.000₮

Magnag silk 8.000₮-10.000₮, Termen silk 18.000₮-25.000₮. Buyers are more interested at Magnag silk according to the salesperson.

Silk with cotton threads are 4000₮-5000₮. Pure silk prices went up by 2000₮. According to sales person silk prices haven't changed much

Pair deel 300.000₮, single deel 150.000₮. Pair deel with Hunnu collar 350.000₮

Jackets are around MNT70-85 thousand, children's jackets at MNT 30-35 thousand.

Male shirts depending on material 25.000₮-50.000₮

Male lamb skin lined deel 1.800.000₮ female deel is at 1.700.000₮.

deel is at 40.000₮

Shoes without patterns 100.000₮, with patterns  250.000₮

Shoes with modern look 75.000₮-120.000₮

Leather belt for men 28.000₮-50.000₮, double leather belts 100.000₮. Belts for women are at 15.000₮-20.000₮.

Hats 25.000₮-80.000₮. Jonon style hats 30.000₮-40.000₮

Half cashmere hats

All hats are domestically produced products.

MInk hants 150.000₮-400.000₮

Fox fur hats 60.000₮-80.000₮. Fox loovuuz style hats  smaller ones 60.000₮, with full fur 350.000₮.

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