National Football Team was announced


2015-02-12 09:57 GMT+8

Mongolian National Team had started the training for qualifier of the 2018 FIFA World Cup from 16th of January.  

The first qualifying matches to be played for the 2018 World Cup in Russia have been drawn in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mongolia will be played against East Timor in 12th of March. 

S.Purevsuh, coach of "Horomhon" football club, AFC B level coach was assigned as a head coach. 

23 athletes of the Mongolian National Team:

  Surname  Lastname Club Position
1 Yura Sainkhuu Selenge Press Goalkeeper
2 Batsaihan  Ariunbold Erchim Goalkeeper
3 Batbayar Batsuuri Dornod Goalkeeper
4 Bayasgalan Garidmagnai Selegepress Defender
5 Daginaa Turbat  Horomhon Defender
6 Ganbold Bilguun Erchim Defender
7 Tserenjav Enhjargal Erchim Defender
8 Batmunh Erhembayar Erchim Defender
9 Bayanjargal  Munhbayar  Horomhon Defender
10 Norjmaa  Tsedenbal Selenge Press Midfielder
11 Altanzul  Ulsbold Horomhon Midfielder
12 Altansuh Erdenebayar Hangarid Midfielder
13 Hurelbaatar  Tsend-Ayush UBU FC Midfielder
14 Pagamsuren Altantulga UBU FC Midfielder
15 Amgalan  Chinzorig FC Ulaanbaatar Midfielder
16 Munh-Erdene Tuguldur  Erchim Midfielder
17 Batbold Tugsbileg Erchim  Midfielder
18 Altanhuyag  Murun Selenge Press Midfielder
19 Ganbold  Gandelger - Midfielder
20 Ganbaatar Tugsbayar  Selenge Press Forward
21 Nyam-Osor Naranbold Horomhon Forward
22 Soyol-Erdene Gal-Erdene Erchim Forward
23 Altansuh Tsolmon Erchim Forward


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