How much do we eat during Tsagaan Sar?


2016-02-09 12:33 GMT+8

Have you ever counted the calories you take with the meal during Tsagaan Sar feast?

It is true that during the Bituun (Tsagaan Sar Eve) and Tsagaan Sar days we overeat, negative impacts of which we all know.

The following infographic depicts how many calories one consumes during one day of the Tsagaan Sar celebrations.

Here we clearly can see how many calories we overeat from the average daily intake one needs. Moreover, if the total animal fat we should consume comprises 30% of our total supplement intake, while our one day of Tsagaan Sar food intake provides 60% of animal fat.

This kind of overconsumption leads to weight gain, cardiac diseases and diabetes. This infographic was done to gain some attention of our readers to promote the healthy lifestyle and be more conscious of what we consume everyday.

This food consumption assessment was done by the N.Erdenetsetseg Food Expert and Nutritionist.

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