Artist N.Erdenebayar won Grand Prix at International Manga Award

2015-02-27 16:18 GMT+8

The International Manga Award is annually hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to honor Manga artists who have contributed to the promotion of Manga overseas.

This year, 317 entries from 46 countries had competed in the International Manga Award and Mongolian artist N.Erdenebayar won Grand Prix by his comic titled "Bumbardai". 

Currently, "Bumbardai" comic which aims to make understand the importance of protecting traditional Mongolian nomadic culture and disseminate cultural heritages to teenagers, was published its ninth series. Further, it is scheduled to publish 108 volumes. 

N.Erdenebayar had been working as Manga artist since 2014 and he published over 100 comic and mangas for ten years.

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