Video Report on Noyon Mountain Area


2015-03-03 16:27 GMT+8

It has been several days that Noyon Mountain case has been gathering much attention lately. Therefore we are delivering coverage on the issue right from the Noyon Mountain area.

Here is the extract from the Gatsuurt Project submitted by Centerra Gold to the Government of Mongolia.

Gatsuurt project estimates to cover 303 hectares of land out of which 146 hectares are the former open pit gold mine. Total investment needed is MNT 503 billion and end result is 42 tons of gold and 3.7 tons of silver. During the projects over 1000 jobs will be created and 24 companies will be contracted for the downstream mining services. The project proposal provisions 70 hectares of woods to be impacted under mining activities. During the former open pit mining activities of Gatsuurt company river flow was changed, but the river is still flowing through the rocky parts of the land.

Gatsuurt mining area with no remediation

Total benefit of the project is estimated at MNT 1,885.8 billion. More in detail:

  • Internal procurement /operation cost/: MNT 929.9 billion
  • Royalties, taxes and other duties to be paid to state: MNT 600.3 billion
  • Internal procurement /capital expenditure /: MNT 205.6 billion
  • Salary for Mongolian employees: MNT 134.8 billion
  • Local Development funds and charity: MNT 15.5 billion

We have traveled over 30 km to reach the Mandal soum of Selenge aimag to hear the opinions of the residents.

Reporter: O.Ariunbileg
Camera: D.Javkhlantugs
Driver: Ch.Javkhlan

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