Can MP G.Uyanga dismiss President?


2015-03-05 12:14 GMT+8

MP G.Uyanga started a battle against President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj. She once outbraved anyone around her and addressed the President directly with: “You never report. You are lucky that no one is asking you to do so."

Yesterday MP came out with an announcement intending to dismiss the President. According to the Constitutional rights, President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj issued a Decree to pardon some convicts. President pardoned U.S. citizen Justin Kapla, citizens of Philippines Cristobal David and Hilarion Cajucom Jr who have been convicted of tax evasion charges. This act has become the grounds for MP G.Uyanga to see it as the violation of the Constitution and President needs to be dismissed.

MP G.Uyanga is to submit the issue to the Constitutional Court and if the court rules in favor for MP G.Uyanga, she will submit the issue at the State Great Khural.


It does have the right. In the provision seven of the Law on Mongolian President it states that:

1.President shall report each year to State Great Khural.

2.State Great Khural to discuss the issue on dismissal of the President basing on provision 35 and article 2 of the Constitution Law, in case if President violates Constitution, other legislation and its full powers and not less than one third of the State Great Khural members officially submits the issue.

This impies that MP G.Uyanga needs to collect support from other 25 State Great Khural Members. Seeing from yesterdays announcement she has four independent MPs on her side. How many more MPs will side with her?

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