Daylight saving will start on March 28th


2015-03-10 09:46 GMT+8

During yesterday's cabinet meeting one of the decisions commenced was the shift to daylight saving time starting March 28th.

This the practice of advancing clocks during summer months by one hour so that light extends into the evening hours—sacrificing normal sunrise times.

The practice has received both advocacy and criticism. Putting clocks forward benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but can cause problems for health by distracting the biological clock of a human body leading to seasonal illnesses.

Studies made in 1998 have showed that switching to daylight saving time benefits to saving the energy by 23 million kWh annually. Moreover, benefits include more time spent with families during the natural daylight.

Mongolia adopted the dayight saving time in 1960 with the government resolution No245 for the first time. Later in 1985 with the resolution No74 it was ordered to switch to daylight saving time on every last Sunday of March until the last Sunday of September. This resolution was in effect until 1999 for 14 years and was dismissed with the resolution No48.

Again in 2001 government resolution No93 ordered to switch to the daylight saving time and was then again dismissed in 2005.

Daylight saving time, which has been adopted and dismissed many times has always been controversial. Hopefully, this time GoM has made such decision having some economical benefits in mind.

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