Fabio Joaquim Maciel Da Silva: Weather is not problem to us

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2015-03-17 14:33 GMT+8

We are delivering the short interview from head coach of East Timor`s National Football Team, Fabio Joaquim Maciel Da Silva.

How is your impression in Mongolia?

We are very satisfied that the Mongolians have warmly welcomed us. Hospitality of Mongolians is very different than in East Timor.

The first match result was 4:1?

The first match in East Timor was the only beginning. The second match is the most important. Our team have trained well. Although the weather in Mongolia is harsh, that is not problem for us. We will try our best for the match.

What was your conclusion of Mongolian team after the first match?

The weather was definitely challenging for Mongolian players. Once I was a player, I understand that difficulty. Hot weather is challenging for players who live in cold weather. I have found few information about Mongolian team. However, I have observed them at the first match. I know what to do against Mongolian players.

Will there be changes in starting eleven against team Mongolia?

I have followed one principle since I started coaching for the East Timor`s National Team. I have an entire team, not only eleven players. Every player must show 100 percent dedication and every player must try their best for the match regardless of being in the starter or not. Anyone could be called. Italian coach conducted the match in East Timor. I will conduct this time.

How many teams are playing for the East Timor`s National League?

I do not have detailed information on that, as I have started coaching for the National Team from month ago.

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