Capital city to spend MNT 5.8 billion on green area


2015-03-18 14:00 GMT+8

This year Ulaanbaatar city plans to plant trees and plants in 92 streets and parks.

The budget for green area is projected at MNT 5.8 billion. Shaping of aspen trees started from march 19th, April 1st watering will start and prepare the soil for the grass and April 10th will start the planting of the bushes and plant fences.

Over 500 thousand bushes are planed to be planted in the city streets this year. April 20th will be the start of the whitewash for trees and soil disinfection will start on May 1st. While grass will be planted on June 1st and flowers will be planted starting June 5th.

Grass will be planted on the area covering over 300 thousand sq.m while over 400 thousand flowers will be planted. Elimination of the weed will proceed starting June 15th to August 15th.

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