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Journalist A.Odontuya

2015-03-19 14:20 GMT+8

Code Patisserie & Plus which offers you French taste and French atmosphere, have opened in front of the Tuul restaurant. Even, operating for only five weeks, they already have regular customers.

We are delivering the interview with David Code, owner of the Code Patisserie & Plus. He discovered Mongolia from the TV show and decided to come here and opened the first French and handmade patisserie in UB. Interestingly, decorations, architecture and furniture choice were all made by him and terrace is planned to open in June.
Their chief is also from France and we appreciate them to contributing fully handmade French tastes to UBiers.

Why Mongolia and how long have you been here?

I have been in Mongolia for six months. I have chosen to come, live and open this French pastry after thinking and luck. I am an expatriate in the French cuisine for over 20 years. During all these years, I have had the chance to meet and work for the pioneers of the profession in Europe, US, Africa, Asia or the most remote islands in the world, French men and women trying to deliver the flavors and tastes of our country to the world.

When I decided to open my own restaurant, my first reaction was to do it in a country that I already knew, but I could not decide myself, there was something in these choices as "Deja Vu" and no particular excitement.

February 2014, I was watching a show on the French international chain that was talking about French expatriers in different countries of the world including Mongolia. I was immediately interested in this country that I did not know and decided to come realize by myself. I first came in April for a month to discover Ulaanbaatar, initially with the idea of opening a French bistro.

After a few days I had taken the charm of this city, I tried to figure out where I could bring something new and when I realized that there was no Patisserie Francaise, I contacted one of my best friends to expose the project. He was under contract for few more months, he agreed to come with me. I arrived here in October and Benoit came to join me later.

Was it hard to start business in UB?

I do not think so. Mongolia is not as much difficult than other countries that I have known. As an immigrant, it`s up to me to adapt to the country that I chose, it is besides all interest, otherwise I would have stayed in my own country.

More about CODE? How is it doing?

After five weeks of opening, CODE is doing better. We had a lot of problems due to our departing, opening delay was very short. After finding the local and organized its acquisition in mid December, I had designed the layout and the large decorative lines in a week. I went to buy pastry materials and chose all the furniture, decoration and all neccessary things for opening to China for four days on December 25, more than ever to instinct.  I left early in January to organize the transportation of purchases to Ulaanbaatar. Back here, the local work began on January 6. This was followed by personel research and training, which only lasted a week before the opening.

CODE was opened on February 12th. We were not quite ready, but we try every day to do a little better than the previous days with the goal of improving ourselves.

That was my decision to open as soon as possible and I take responsibility for all the problems that occured at the opening. 

How do you find running business in Mongolia?

The difficulty we encounter in daily basis comes from my own decision and objectives. I want to offer a wide range of cakes and products from my country according to artisanal and traditional methods. This can only be done with some very specific ingredients. We have problems in finding these products, which are either not present on the Mongolian market or so in very small quantities. We have to adopt every day because it is important to me that people`s expectations who choose to come to CODE are met. We are listening to all the comments made and try to ensure they are as little as possible negative. But as I said previously, it is for us to adapt to the choice we made to come to Ulaanbaatar and accept all challenges. 

It is my sincere wish that the population of the Ulaanbaatar that has not yet had the opportunity to travel to France, therefore, resident of Ulaanbaatar can discover a little bit of France at CODE.

What do you like about UB residents?

Their energies and their history. The Mongolian people are a great people given historical point of the world. Today, being part of the community is a great happiness for me.

Most favourite places for you to visit in UB?

Since my arrival, unfortunately, I haven't had much time to discover many places. I like Triskell, the owner is one of the first French came to Mongolia, it is for this reason a true pointeer. Rosewood, Cliff is a professional kitchen, I love what he does. Moreover, Piazza restaurant, Piazza where you can eat one of the best Lamb in UB and it is located at Michelle Expo. I also discovered a few days ago a very good Japanese restaurant, Miko sushi. But I am especially delighted to visit the local Mongolian restaurant, I am a big meat eater and I always have taste for all the local dishes available.

Photo Credit: D.Javkhlantugs

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