Circumstances of Economic Forum 2015


2015-04-02 10:10 GMT+8

6th Economic Forum is to be held on April 2-3 this year at the Government Building. This forum is sponsored by "GoGo News" news agency.

The Mongolia Economic Forum (MEF) is an independent, non-governmental, public organization committed to improving and creating common concept to accelerate development of Mongolia by organizing discussions between the business and political leaders, civil society and scholars.

Thus, MEF is being hold under what circumstances, this year?



Economic Growth:

Economic Growth

Foreign Investment:

Foreign Investment

GDP Growth:

GDP Growth

In addition:

  • Foreign debt: MNT 9 trillion
  • Non-performing loans: MNT 667.2 billion as of February, 2015
  • MNT into USD has been at MNT 1990

This years event is being organized under slogan Building Credibility and it should be focused more on how to attract investment and how to restore lost confidence of foreign investors. However, according to the agenda of the event, MEF will discuss on the following issues by below plenary sessions. 

  • Investment environment and path ahead
  • Transparency and stability of laws and regulations
  • Where is the mining sector heading?

Other plenary sessions focused more on national environment of economy.

For agenda of the event, click here.

MEF invited acclaimed leaders to the Annual Forum Meetings with respect to the social and economic pressing issues and organize discussion on development policy and its implementation.

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