New Resources of Energy - Export Opportunities


2015-04-10 10:26 GMT+8

Zorigt.D, the Minister of Energy is to make presentation on "New Resources of Energy - Export Opportunities".

He greeted the guests and participants of the Coal Mongolia 2015" event that is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

"Mongolian energy sector consists of four independent renewable resources of diesel stations including Western region energy system, Altai and Uliastai energy system, Dornod region energy system, Central energy system.

Our country has domestically produced 79.42% of the total consumption of electricity and imported 20.58 % of the total consumption of electricity.

Production of hydropower plant, solar and wind power plant accounted for about 3% of the total consumption of energy.

Resources million kWh %
Heating Power Plant 5191.3 76.47
Diesel plant 8.32 0.12
Hydropower plant 66.3 0.98
Solar and wind power plant 126 1.85
Import 1396.9 20.58
Total 6788.7 100

The Government of Solution issued decree on the major development in Energy sector on March 10, 2015. 

  • Organized discussion on Baganuur Power Plant Concession Agreement which has the capacity of 700 MW and granted rights to Investment Department to make agreement with condition to construct, operate and transfer. 
  • To finance Eg river hydro power plant with soft loan granted by Chinese Government.
  • Approved to construct Khovd river hydro power plant which is to ensure energy resource for Western regions of Mongolia
  • Approved to build thermal power plant based on Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit with a capacity of 450 MW with $ 50 million from Chingis bond
  • Power plants at Wester region including Dornod, Baganuur and Shivee Ovoo was planned to build with investment of private entities.
  • Power transmission lines and substations that connecting Tsaidam nuur, Buuruljuut and Chandgana power plants are planned to build

The Ministry of Energy has working on to implement energy export project by constructing power plant with capacity of 4800 MV that based on Shivee Ovoo coal deposit."

Zorigt.D, the Minister of Energy appealed energy producing companies to establish association.

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