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2015-04-10 10:16 GMT+8

- GoGo news agency is reporting from Coal Mongolia 2015-

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16:08 2017-08-25

16:08 2017-08-25

Tumentsogt.Ts, Executive Director of General Electric LLC started to make presentation on "Potential For Large Scale Power Generation: Background and Issues".

"My presentation might be ambitious and not realistic. Our country has large number of reserves of energy or brown coal. Because of we have renewable energy resources, we need to look at more further actions."he said.

16:08 2017-08-25

Presentation on "Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant Project" has started. Presenter: Tuvshin.B, Director of Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant Project Unit, Chairman of Mega Project Development Institute.

"Project unit for Tavan Tolgoi and Eg river hydropower plant was established for the first time. I will talk about process and priorities of Tavan Tolgoi power plant project"

"The Government has decided to build power plant based on Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit. This power plant has water supply system with capacity of 40 liters / second and with capacity of 450 MW. The Oyutolgoi project will be the main consumer of that power plant." he said.

16:08 2017-08-25

S.Javkhlanbaatar, General Director of Invest Mongolia Agency, made presentation on "Business Environment and Foreign Investment in Mongolia". 

"Asain Development Bank is to finance basic research of super cycle initiative. It has initiated by sector experts who consider Asian countries have much opportunity to export energy. 

According to the study conducted by the World Bank, Mongolia ranked at 72 out of 189 countries by its favorable environment for investment. " he said.

16:08 2017-08-25

"GoGo News Agency" is working as media sponsor to “Coal Mongolia: 2015”.

Today is the second day of “Coal Mongolia: 2015" and it started with presentation by D.Zorigt, the Ministry of Energy on New Resources of Energy - Export Opportunities.

16:08 2017-08-25

Conference Part 4 has finished and the open discussion has started.

16:08 2017-08-25

Presentation of Lee Ryn Pin, Senior Researcher of Fenwei Energy Consulting Co., Ltd has started. She is presenting on "Short and Mid Term Plans/Changes in Chinese Energy Sector".

In China, total electricity consumption in 2014 hit 5523.3 Twh with YoY 3.8%.

Medium and Long-term Forecast on Supply & Demand of China Natural Gas:

  • 4 main gas basins: Ordos, Sichuan, Tarim and South China Sea are main natural gas producing areas contributed 73% of China total gas production. And will be the major areas of gas reserves increasing and gas production expanding.
  • Natural Gas price will rise according to actual usage volume (tiered pricing).

Opportunity for Mongolia Coal in Northeast China:

Mongolian Lignite has little market in Northeast China but for Heilongjiang:

  • Lignite-fired electricity grows slowly influenced by clean energy, but with abundant lignite supply from east Inner Mongolia.
  • Convenient transportation from east Inner Mongolia to Liaoning (largest lignite consumption province of Northeast China) .
  • Heilongjiang coal resource is being exhausted and far from east Inner Mongolia but steady coal demand .

Mongolian coal-to-gas has large market in Northeast China:


  • Gas supply has a large gap for fuel-switch projects for boilers national-wide in China like Changchun of Jilin.
  • Expect for urban gas, as one of clean energy, natural gas will be popular in automotive area with the promotion of new energy automobile technology and relevant products research.


  • Oct 25 2013, Sinopec and MRAM signed MOU with MRAM on the cooperation of coal-to-gas projects under the witness of Keqian Li (China Primier) and Altankhuyag  (Mongolia Primier)
  • Eastern gas pipeline from Russia to Convenient transportation from Irkutsk to Beijing via Buryatia.

However, as we estimated, gas-fueled electricity is no competitiveness if gas price above 3 RMB yuan/m3 compared with coal-fueled electricity.


16:08 2017-08-25

Persentation and open discussion of Conference Part 4 has finished and its conducted under the topic of "Energy and Gas Market - Opportunities for Mongolia".

Conference Part 5 is to start at 2 PM.

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