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2015-04-10 14:29 GMT+8

- GoGo News Agency is reporting from Coal Mongolia 2015. -

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16:08 2017-08-25

"Government Hour - From Issues To Solutions" has started.

Moderator: Bolormaa.L, Editor in chief of Mongolian Mining Journal.

Open discussion between private and public sectors on developing the coal sector.


  • Enkhsaikhan.M, Minister of State
  • Javkhlanbaatar.S, General Director of Invest Mongolia Agency
  • Enkhbaatar.Kh, Minister of Road and Transportation of Mongolia, Head of Mongolia Maritime Administration.
  • Artag.D, State secretary of the Ministry of Mining
  • Radnaasuren, Head of Fuel Policy Department

Enkhsaikhan.M, Minister of State will discuss on Tavan Tolgoi negotation.


16:08 2017-08-25

Myadagmaa.J, Chief Representative of All Mineral in Mongolia is making presentation on "Dry Jigging of Coalallair - Jig Technology Operational Results and Data".

In detail she will be presented:

  • About the technology, advantages and benefits
  • Introducing the technology to the Mongolian mines, testing
  • Company profile
16:08 2017-08-25

"Coal Bed/Mine Methane Opportunities In Mongolia" persentation has started and its presented by Bazarragchaa.M, Senior Project Engineer.

In detal:

  • What is the methane? Benefits of utilization, CBM projects
  • Unconventional gas resources
  • Comments and Conclusion

Here we are delivering the main contents of his persentation;

Coal mine methane – is a Natural Gas, cheap and it is used for electricity generation, heating and vehicles. Technology for Coal mine methane is simple and mature. Globally more than 240 operating and 200 planned projects. Methane has very high warming coefficient (20 times more than CO2). Developing and utilizing CBM/CMM will not only diversify energy supply of Mongolia but also reduce GHG emission.


  • Rich in coal => Rich in CBM/CMM.
  • Needs to diversify energy resources (CNG may contribute to reduction of fuel import dependency).
  • Air pollution in cities.
  • Comprehensive utilization of natural resources.
  • Contribute to the Environment through reduction of GHG emission.

The top three basins are

  1. Mongol-Altai,
  2. South Gobi
  3. Tamsag basins.

Each of these basins may have more than 50 billion cubic meters of CMM resources.

16:08 2017-08-25

Conference on "Improving The Production Profit, Opportunites To Add Value -Technology Development" has started with presentation by Otgonbaatar.Sh, CEO of "Shivee Ovoo" JSC.

He is making presentation under the topic of "Shivee Ovoo Coal Mining And Steady Operation Of Central Power System".

"This year, "Shivee Ovoo" coal mining has been celebrating its 25th anniversary. We need to set aside the traditional technology and we need to use modern and advanced technology."

""Shivee Ovoo" coal mining has not made technical innovation for last 17 years and it operates loss of MNT 4-5 billion a year." he said.

Here we are delivering main contents of his persentation.

Combined System For Excavator, Conveyor and Windrow which is complex system to save 100% of the operation cost for drilling blasting, diesel, tire, road maintenance, stockpiling compare to conventional mining method. Also it saves 27-150% cost of the lubricants, parts, salary, SS, and asset depreciation.

The project is financed by Polish Development Bank with low risk free interest. The loan payback period is flexible and  the initial investment is to be paid from the profit generated of the operation

Project objective:

  • To be profitable entity starting 2017 by increasing the capacity of the production, reducing unit cost and expenses.


  • The theoretical production of the continuous mining system is 2000м3/h. The project is planning to utilize 45% only which is annually produce 4,4 Mm3 or 8,4 Mt

"“d” DRAINAGE LINE" project which is to drain all the underground water till 2030. q“A” drainage line is fully exposed in mining. 11, 14, 15, 16, 17 wells of the left side B line are to be expected to expose in 2015, while the others are to be exposed by 2016. After “B” line closure, “D” line has to be in operation where “C” line is out of limit.

Project solution:

  • "D” drainage line collector has to be stable for 10-15 years, during mine advance
  • Wells drilled perpendicular to main drainage line will be demolished towards the mine advance direction. 
  • Comparing to current main drainage line location (200-250m), constructing main line in 600m, will lengthen line aging and decrease unnecessary expenses such as dam construction, loading.

Project advantage:

  • Main drainage line will be constructed along the coal dip 600 m far from current “C” drainage line, which has quiet even surface and will have less earthwork
  • It is not expected to expose in mining operation and can be used longer period

Our electricity consumption will increase from 150MW to 3000MW between 2015 – 2030. Shivee Ovoo Expansion project, additional exploration and hydrogeology drilling to identify the reserve.

Project result:

  • Fully capable to approve Shine us area coal resource in compliance with international standards
  • Investment payback

  • Pleasant condition to expand coal mine

16:08 2017-08-25

Artag.D, State secretary of the Ministry of Mining, said: "The Ministry of Mining has working under the slogan "Opportunity" in 2015. Even, we are facing economic difficulties, business companies have to make beneficial agreement and operate properly."

Radnaasuren, Head of Fuel Policy Department, said: "The way to reduce the cost became definite and it might be understood from this two-day conference. The Government is to give direction to implement as quickly as possible. Our country has the most qualified coal in the world. However, we could not sale it with proper price."

Enkhbaatar.KH, Chairman of the Mongolian Ocean Administration, said: "In Russia, most ports are owned by the private sectors. In this regard, we are discussing on renewing the negotiation between Russia and Mongolia which was signed in 1992. It will be decided soon."

Enkhsaikhan.M, The Minister of State, said: "Every project is mega project for Mongolians. We can not prioritize what project is to implement first. Thus, We have to learn to prioritize these projects. I will implement few projects due to I have only a year. TT agreement draft was not submitted to the State Great Khural. I am afraid that 76 members of the State Great Khural will discuss on TT agreement draft indiscriminately."

16:08 2017-08-25

David Turnbull is introducing his persentation on "Reliability Factors of Open-Pit Mining Equipments".

In detail he will deliver information on:

  • Reliable operations at open-pit mining
  • Reducing cost at open-pit mining
  • Transwest experience and profile
16:08 2017-08-25

Enkhbold.Ch, General Director of E-Trans LLC is introducing his persentation on "Coal River Pipeline Presentation".

In detail:

  • Coal river pipeline transportation features and benefits
  • Pipeline transportation capital investment and operational cost
  • Legal and regulatory
16:08 2017-08-25

"Coal Mongolia 2015" has finished.

16:08 2017-08-25

Tuguldur.Ch, Director of Sales and Service Division, Hera Equipment LLC started his persentation on "Testing Wirtgen Surface Miner 2200 in Mongolia".

In detail he will talk about:

  • about the technology
  • results from testing
  • conclusion and potentiolas
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