Hot water outage to start next Monday


2015-05-14 14:12 GMT+8

May 18th to August 30th hot water outage will be done in Ulaanbaatar city due to the repair works scheduled on heating lines with investments from the State Budget.

According to the annual schedule the heating in the apartments will be cut off on May 15th.


Hot water outage by areas
 Repair work shcedule funded from State Budget
1 Offices and apartment buildings near Culture and Recreation Park, Children's Palace, Bayangol Hotel, 220K, State Drama Theatre  May 18-Jul 1
2 Offices and apartment buildings near State Special Protected Zone 30 and 31st special objects, Embassy of Russian Federation, State Department Store, 40K and 50K  May 18-Aug25
3 Office and apartment buildings near Water and Sewage 29, Wholesale 27th and 30th apartments, 19th secondary school, Narcology Hospital  May 18-Jul 1
4 Office and apartment buildings near Shilmel Shiltgeen, Olymp Town, Encanto Town, Marshall Town, River Garden Town, Ikh Tenger Complex, Bayanzurkh district 13th khoroo, Altan Tevsh Town, Sunjin Grand Hotel, Shine Ugloo Town, Vatican Representative Office  V/19-VIII/01
 Heating line repair schedule
1 Office and apartments near Ulaanbaatar Recreation, 115th secondaty school, Zaisan, Agriculture University, Orgil Recreation, Bogd Museum, 120K, Stadium, Railway Station, Bayangol District, Railway Hospital
 May 18-28
2 Office and apartments near Ikh Gazar LLC, Yarmag Viva City, Hunnu Mall, Beton Armature, Misheel Expo, APU, Nekhmel Shar, Khan-Uul district Cultural Center
3 Office and apartments near Otgontenger University, Kino Uildver, Bayanzurkh District, 14th secondary school, Bayanzurkh Eco Town.
Office and apartments near Narkhan, Jargalan, Odod Town, Bayanmongol Town, Shine Dul, South of 13th microdistrict, Нархан, Жаргалан, Оддын хотхон, Баян Монгол хороолол, Шинэ дөл, 13-р хорооллын урд хэсэг, National Center for Contagious Disease, Jukov Museum, Narantuul Market,, Akhmad Town, Sunjin Grand Hotel, Altan Tevsh Town, Bayanzurkh district hospital, Kino Uildver, Ministry of Defense, 16th microdistrict.
 May 19-Jul 1
4 Office and apartment buildings near Construction College, Khonkhor 7, Worker's Union Cultural Palace, Golomt Town, West side of 5th microdistrict, Altai Town, 19th microdistrict, Avarga University.
Office and apartment buildings near Autobus-1, Atar Urguu, Steel Factory, Urangan LLC, Narnii Town, City Transportation Authority, Shine Tugul.
 Jun 2-10
5 Office and apartment buildings near Central Post Office, Government Palace, Sukhbaatar District, Tushee Institute, Flower Center, Mongol Bank, Zoos Goyol, University of Arts and Culture, 4th Grocery store, 8th apartment of Baga Toiruu, 4th building of NUM, University of the Humanities, Embassy of PRC, 64th Grocery store, Central Sports Palace, Ulaanbaatar Hotel  Jun 11-21
6 Office and apartment buildings near Kharaa Hotel, Bumbugur Center, Geser Temple, Tengis Movie Theatre, Bishrelt Hotel, TEDY, Urt Tsagaan, 6th microdistrict, Government Auto Base, Dulguun Nuur, Autoplaza, 7th microdistrict, 100n Ail, Children's 2nd hospital, ESM, Computer Management School, 12th microdistrict.  Jun 12-17
7 Office and apartment buildings near2nd microdistrict, Railway Management Authority, Grand Plaza, 3 and 4 microdistrict, 6th microdistrict, Mother and Children Health Center, MNB TV station.  Jun 13-30
8 Office and apartment buildings near Khar Khorin Market, Erin and Unur districts, Gurvaljin market, Golden Park, south of 10th microdistrict road.  Jun18-Jul 8
9 Office and apartment buildings near 3rd hospital, Nurse School, Trauma Center, Gobi Sauna, 25th drugstore, UB Palace, 10th microdistrict, Moscow Town, Electric Transport JCS.  Jul 16-30
10 Office and apartment buildings near 5 Shar, Nomin Warehouse, Nefti Base, Altan Taria JCS, 21th microdistrict, Songinokhairkhan distrcit.  Jul 17-30
11 Office and apartment buildings near IFE, Ministry of Agriculture, bayanzurkh Market, Water and Sewage Authority, Wrestlers Palace, 2nd hospital, Khan Palace Hotel, 72th secondary school.
Office and apartment buildings near Culture and Recreation Park, Soyolj, Traffic Police, Continental Hotel, 21th secondary school, 13th and 15th microdistrict.
 Aug 3-16
12 Office and apartment buildings near New Sports Palace, Chinggis Khaan Airport, Nisekh area, Devshil Trade, 013th base, Autobus-2, Military Town, Wholesale, 10th bus stop.  Aug 4-17
13 Office and apartment buildings near 5th microdistrict, Circus, 220K, Embassy of South Korea, Amarbayasgalant Hotel, Chinggis Hotel, Swimming Pool, Military University, Central Library, Blue Sky Hotel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1st hospital, 1st Maternity Hospital, Central Cultural Palace, Tuushin Hotel, Pharmaceutical Factory, Saruul, Locomotive Depot, Shine Mongol school.

 Aug 18-30



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