G.Nandinzaya: I am happy to attend 2016 Olympics with my dad


2015-06-02 15:03 GMT+8

Second athlete to qualify for the 2016 Olympic games is the International Master of Sports Nandinzaya Gankhuyag.

State Honored Athlete O.Gundegmaa was the first athlete to qualify for the Summer Olympics RIO-2016.

We are delivering interview with G.Nandinzaya.

-You have fulfilled the first steps and qualified for the RIO-2016 Summer Olympics in 10m Air Riffle category?
-I am very happy that I have qualified for the Olympics. There are five qualifying competitions in 2015 and I was qualified at the second games, which is quite early.

-How does it feel when you get qualified for the Olympics?
-To my mind athletes build a wall around themselves and get stressed out because of the qualifying games. I have just realized that I was doing the same mistake. But I could break the wall I built myself. First I would be scared of the Olympic Games, but now I am more relaxed.

-You have ranked 4th in both the preliminary and final games at the qualifier in USA?

-Indeed. Over 120 athletes shot in turns. At my first round I ranked third. At the second round I got litlle bit nervous as I was thinking how I would perform. As the second round shooters' performance was not good and Narantuya qualified for the finals.

I became more relaxed and felt confident as it was obvious that I will go to finals. In the final eight I was ranked third, but at my last shot I did a mistake, probably due to my excitement. At those games as the first three athletes have already been qualified for the Olympics, the rights were shifted to the finalists ranked 4th, 5th and 6th.

- In the USA qualifier Andrea Arsovic from Serbia placed fisrt, Snjezana Pejcic from Croatia placed second and Stine Nielsen from Denmark placed third. How much are competitors changing?

Six top ranked athletes at the World Cup Second Stage

-Most of the known athletes are qualified. But yet there are many new athletes. Athlete from Egypt was a new entrant.

-Your father International Sports Master J.Gankhuyag is the trainer for the Team Mongolia. He was perhaps happy that you were qualified for the Olympics?
-The person behind my success is definitely my dad. He was the athlete in Team Mongolia too. He has been happy too. I am more than grateful to my dad for what I have achieved so far.

-What were his words on that day?
-He asked me if the qualifiers were easy. I am happy to attend the Olympics with my dad.

Congratulation kiss from dad

-How many years have you spent in training up to the qualifications for the Olympics?
-Since 2007. I was always coming with my dad to trainings and competitions. When I was 13 I asked my dad to join the trainings, but at that tim my dad said to try out the next year, probably because I wasn't tall enough. But I have begged him and joined the club. In 2010 I joined Team Mongolia and after London Olympics I was called for Team Mongolia again. Although I have participated in qualifiers for 2012 Olympics I could not qualify as haven't got enought experience. 

-At what age your dad had set your mind for the sports?
-He didn't prepare me at all. Until I was 13 I have lived as a normal child. It was my idea to join the shooting and dad just supported my decision.

-How harsh is your dad as a trainer?
-He is not harsh at all. I know myself what mistake I have done or what went wrong. I always try to correct my mistakes and rarely ever heard any harsh comments from my dad.

-How do you call him? Dad or coach?
-I couldn't learn to call him coach. I call him 'dad'.

-Why did you choose the Air Riffle? Many have chosen Pistol to go after O.Gundegmaa and D.Munkhbayar.
-First I was thinking to choose Pistol when I came to get examined. Since the trainings have started I have shifted to Air Riffle. May be my father have influenced me.

-Name G.Nandinzaya came into radar since 2012 after the Universiade. You won gold medals in personal and team categories.

2012 Universiade in Kazakhstan

-This was my first ever big international competition. I have won two gold medals. In 2013 Universiade I wan silver medal in team category and bronze in personal category. In 2014 in Asian Games held in Iran we won bronze medal in team category.

-You have been awarded with a Diploma of Honour from the World Cup in recognition of achievement of new world record?

-I have participated in World Cup held in South Korea in 2013 after the rules were renewed.

As I fit into junior catergory, records are being registered.

At that time I didn't know I renewed the world recor. I came to know only after the diploma was received at the Shooting Federation.

-How many times have you renewed Mongolian records?
-Junior Record is still mine.

At the adults category, I have renewed two out three records.

Last year I have renewed national record at 50m air riffle 3x20 category with 589 points.

-Which brand is your riffle?
-Mine is by Walter. I have other good one too. But I'm used to this one as I have used it for  many years. During the 2011 World Cup held in USA my riffle was damaged in the transportation. I was using others' riffles. In 2012 I have used my teacher's riffle and won two gold medals. Although I have returned it later I bought it from my teacher. I'm planning to use this riffle in the Olympics.

-How much does the riffle weigh?
-Air Riflle is about 4 kg, calibre is about 5-6kg. Many wonder how I carry these. We just get used to it.

-It costs a lot to be a riffle athlete.
-Indeed, it is very costly. My outfit is from Korea and costs around USD 800-1,000. I have worn it for five years. Outfits made in European countries cost even more. Only upper gear might cost EUR 700.

-How much time have you spend to be qualified as Sports Master?
-After a year since I have joined the sports and a month later I have become International Sports Master.

-You were student at the University of the Humanities. Are still studiyng there?
-I was majoring in International Relations at the University of the Humanities. I am on leave of absence as I have four qualifiers the year before the Olympics. I have trainings six days a week all day. Therefore, I had to leave my studies temporarily. My dream is to become Olympic champion. I have booked my tickets to my dream.

-Thank you for your time and wishing you success in achieving your dream.
-Thank you.

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