Road from Central Post Office to Flower Center to be open before deadline


2015-06-11 14:23 GMT+8

Today City Officials have conducted monitoring on the process of renewing the heating pipelines at Central Post office intersection to Flower Center intersection.

Renewal of the heating lines is being done to enhance the capacity and install new 1700 m tap water pipelines of the sewage system built in 1982. The project provisions integrated renewal and there will be no need to dig the earth again in the future.

Enhancing the heathing line capacity will enable to connect to the central heating system 7th microdistrict and Demjiin myanga area.

According to E.Erdenekhuu, Field Engineer at Khangiltsag LLC, one of the project contractor companies the road will be open 4-5 days prior the intended date of the project finish which is June 25th.

Total budget of the heating pipeline renewal is the MNT 12.65 billion and is being financed by the Development Bank of Mongolia through the contractors: Khangiltsag LLC, ABG Energo LLC and Gandirs Ord LLC.

The proposal to use plastic pipelines for the updating of the tap water was declined as the heating pipes heat up to 110-130C and there is danger of a meltdown. Therefore the drinking water pipelines are to be replaced with metal pipes.

D.Baatarkhuyag, General Manager at Water and Sewage Authority says that replacement of the current ф400 mm pipes with ф500 pipes will be done during night hours in order to decrease the inconveniences for residents.

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