Naadam Festival Overview


2015-07-13 11:53 GMT+8

Mongol Naadam Festival to Commemorate 2224th Anniversary of New Regime, 809th Anniversary of Ikh Mongol State, 94th Anniversary of People's Revolution has officially come to an end.


This year Naadam wrestling features 512 wrestlers and resulted in 6 new State Falcons, 2 new state Hawks and 1 new State Lion. 


  • Aimag Lion B.Batjargal, native of Sukhbaatar aimag
  • Aimag Lion G.Baasandorj, native of Zavkhan aimag
  • Aimag Lion E.Dash, native of Dundgobi aimag
  • Aimag Lion D.Enkhbayar, native of Uvs aimag
  • Аimag Lion B.Ganzorig, native of Arkhangai aimag
  • Aimag Lion A.Altankhuyag, native of Dundgobi aimag


  • State Falcon N.Batzaya, native of Khovd aimag
  • Aimag Lion B.Odgerel, native of Selenge aimag


E.Oyunbold, native of Khentii aimag


Horses raced at National Naadam Festival

  • Colts 161,
  • 2 year old 196,
  • Older age 321,
  • Stallion 172,
  • 3year old  91,
  • 4year old 264 totaling to 1205.
STALLION: Deputy Minister G.Temuulen's horse finished first, Arkhangai aimag
4 YEAR OLD: Deputy Energy Minister U.Purevbaatar's horse finished first, Arkhangai aimag
2 YEAR OLD: D.Ganbaatar's horse finished first, Gobi-Altai aimag
OLDER AGE: S.Buyannemekh's horse finished first, Khovd aimag
COLT: Kh.Bat-Erdene's horse finished first
3 YEAR OLD: D.Erdenebulga's horse raced first, Dundgobi aimag


Khalkh archery category had 250 male and 90 female contestants totaling to 340 participants. Of which family pair won at both male and female category.
B.Batbaatar, native of Eroo soum of Selenge aimag, athlete of Aldar Sports committee and JEM International wins the competition by collecting 32 points and becomes the Nation's Sharpshooter in male category.
While the female category was led by his spouse S.Erdenetungalag, athlete of Aldar Sports committee and JEM International, with 37 points becoming two times Nation's Sharpshooter.
Second runner up at female category was O.Chinzurkh and Ch.Gandav at third place, while T.Ochiroo and A.Battur won second and third places respectively in male category.


FIRST PLACE: Umnugobi aimag team led by Sharpshooter B.Tuvshinbayar
SECOND PLACE: Urangan team of Ulaanbaatar led by Sharpshooter B.Shinebayar
THIRD PLACE: UB Railroad team led by Sharpshooter Bold.

According to the organizers this year has seen many younger contestants at the ankle bone games.

53 percent of the total contestants have state and aimag titles.

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