Another green area in the city


2015-07-22 10:51 GMT+8

1st khoroo of Khan-Uul district is to welcome a new green park.

Just a few years ago this area behind the bus stop at 120K are was fenced to start construction. But with the efforts of the residents the area was saved from going under construction.

The area has been under furnishing from funds of the Capital City and is adding green space for recreation of the city residents.

Although the furnishing and landscaping due date was July 1st the final works of the park are to be finished by August 15th, according to the city official.

Over 100 trees and bushes were planted along with furnishing of the playground and fountain installations. The total budget of MNT 1.3 billion was funded by the Capital city budget. The works has been done by BUUKH LLC and Mongol Tohi LLC.

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