Statues of UB #5: Silk Road


2015-07-22 16:23 GMT+8


Ulaanbaatar - Monuments competitions was held in view of the Friendly Ulaanbaatar program last May. Total of 88 works from 45 artists have competed and the final 15 were selected and those works are to be installed in the streets of Ulaanbaatar city.
We are drawing your attention to the Silk Road Complex monument, which is being installed  at the road junction in Khan-Uul district previously known as location of the Tank Monument relocated to the Zaisan monument. Currently there is only one camel statue to be joined by other four depicting the caravan.
Each camel is 350 cm in height, 520 cm in length and 260 cm in width. The Caravan complex is the work of Yo.Dalkh-Ochir, founder of Blue Sun Contemporary art center in 2002.

The monument complex is to be finished by the end of this year and will feature sand dune, flower beds, lighting and furnished with benches and sunshades.
Initially the camel monument complex was named Migration and the idea of camels facing towards the city center has a meaning of inflow of wealth. Use of camel has deep meaning as well. Camels are vigorous, tolerant for long distance loading and that's why they were picked out of five animals to depict the development and historical heritage of the country.

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