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2015-07-28 10:33 GMT+8

I would like to determine G.Batsukh as one of the best wildlife photographers. He published several books and booklets of wildlife, while photographing the animals for over ten years. Are you ready to travel through his photography world?

"Mongolia offers natural beauty..."
Mongolia offers natural beauty, which is not often noticed by human everyday, such as rare animals, birds and insects of the world. I have an aim to introduce and share them with young generations and tourists through my photography, books and booklets. Thus, I am interested in wildlife and environment. I observe the animals and nearby environment while travelling abroad.

“Women might be more sensitive at capturing the emotions of the animals...”
Sense, patience and vision are required for all kind of arts. Therefore, I think that women might have more artistic approach than men. I think they will be better at animal and wildlife photography.


Moment is the most important for photography, especially capturing the portrait photo. The difference between shooting the portrait of the lion and shooting the human portrait is that human can pay attention and focus on you carefully, while lion won't be as patient.

Capturing the moment of running lion might be easy, but catching the unique moments of the lion such as showing the tongue, scratching himself and communicating with the females are quite difficult.

“My stress and tiredness are revealed when I succeed with shooting the animal portrait...”
Photography is my hobby. I am happy when I am waiting to capture the group of roe deer and antelope for all day long. My stress and tiredness are revealed when I succeed with shooting the animal portrait. Last year, I went to mountains of Khentii aimag on horse to photograph the moose. I could only catch the view of the moose from far after three four days of waiting. Although I could not fulfillI my initial goal, I was happy after that trip. I have managed to capture pictures of many bird species and other animals. So I did not regret that I could not take the photo of the moose. 

“My first photograph was the argali (the mountain sheep) which was captured with the camera bought by my father...”
I spent my childhood at my grandparents in Khovd aimag. Our aimag has rich number of argali and mountain goat. When I was at the secondary school, my father gifted me a photo camera and my first photograph was argali (the mountain sheep). During that time, animals were not shy and it was easy to approach them with horse. I started to love photography since then. In between there were some years I took a break from photography. However, photography is the most wonderful feeling which came back to me.


For me, I have planned to take the pictures of the lynx, moose, brown bear from Mongolia and Alaska grizzly bear from Alaska. Alaskan biggest bear feed on fish during summer time and I would like to capture that moment...

“Somehow I am similar with hunter, but I will never kill them...”
Although I am not an animal researcher, I have a sense to understand the animal behavior. I do study the behavior of animals while taking a picture. When photographing the animal, you have to observe the movement of animal and wait for it. Because picture of standing animal is not interesting, anyone can take. I started to recognize the behavior, manner and habitat of animal since I understand that I have to wait for moving moments of animals. Somehow I am similar with hunter, but I will never kill them.

“Finally, I took pictures of leopard while waiting for three days in Uvs aimag during the cold winter days...”

I have a picture of leopard. I have waited for three days to capture this picture in Uvs aimag during the cold winter. There are some photographers who follow the researchers and use tranquilizers to take their pictures. I aim to shoot animals in their natural habitat and while in their own behavior, not the animals in zoo. Honestly, I was waiting to shoot a wolf at that time, but I could never imagine that I would encounter the leopard. I spent three days in a tent at the mountain anad waited to take the picture. I decided to give up on the third day and was preparing to leave. Suddenly, this leopard came out and I think it is very big fortune.


Animals are smarter than humans. For example, birds have a sophisticated information network. Smallest to biggest birds are all informers. If I suddenly scare away a small bird, it spreads the information of possible danger to the bigger birds. Therefore, it is important to understand the animal behavior.

“Once I was shooting in Africa and I did not noticed that I was standing in the middle of group of elephants....”

I spent five years to understand animal behavior, but there are ones that I can never understand. Besides, I loose my mind when capture the photos of wildlife. For some reason, it is very dangerous. Once I was shooting in Africa, I did not notice that I was standing in the middle of group of elephants. After I moved off there, I felt terrified. Elephants could have been close to me within two steps and I could be hit and killed with its trunk.

“As my observation, male birds have nicer and brighter colors than the females...”
God creates male species gracefully. For example, male lion seems very majestic. My long time of observation suggest that male birds have beautiful color and appearance compared with its female species. Male birds attract their females by its wonderful color. God created birds with fancy colors.

“It is not interesting to take pictures of group of wolves. But...”
I have many pictures of group of wolves which does not require any skill and it is not interesting to me. However, I have great desire to photograph the portrait of wolf. As historical tradition, seeing a wolf brings fortune and luck as Mongolians believe that wolf has high spirit. I also find that I feel the luck when I see a wolf.


This is the best picture I have ever taken. Hippo does not yawn or open its mouth often. It is one of the most unique moments for all famous wildlife photographers. Usual habitat of the hippo has bad smell that it is hard to get close. I captured this image from 400-500 meter away.

Unfortunately, animals flee away and migrate as mining increases and damages the nature..."
Canada, Kenya and Tanzania are the most interesting countries that I have visited, yet they could be not compared with Mongolia. Mining and heavy equipment are increasing and damaging the nature and as a result animals are leaving the country. Animals such as endangered leopard, argali and mountain sheep are running away from the country and crossing the border to find more peaceful land. Number of brown bear and moose live along the border of Russia and Mongolia was decreased due to increased hunting from the two sides.


If you observe the photograph of impala (African antelope), you will notice that they are very friendly family. All of them have different appearance and different sense. However, humans treating  each other badly nowadays. Due to stress and despair, people say bad words to each other and domestic violence is spreading more. I thought, while shooting this picture, that the god gifted us with such intelligence and beautiful language to communicate, but yet  why humans can not live in peace like these antelopes. If you observe this picture more carefully, they are following their own duties. For example, the antelope looking the other way is standing as guard and protecting the family from predators.

Animal world gives me the one and only feeling that can not be found from anything...”
I want to present pictures of love and cuteness of animals with the aim to spread the rare animals behavior and the desirable qualities to human society. I have beautiful photos of fawns. The communication between fawns and their mothers is really cute. When I take pictures, it feels like this feeling cannot be found from anything and anywhere else, that`s why I love the photography.

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