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2015-07-29 15:20 GMT+8

One of the first issues faced by new parents is which diaper to choose for their baby. For many years parents have been using imported diapers for their babies which have a lot of side effects on the skin and health on top of being unfriendly to the environment. Although diapers ease the work load on the new parents we cannot just disregard the negative effects it has on the environment.

According to the moms the use of disposable diapers have some negative effects on their child's health, being a cause for some problems related with urinary tract, which were confirmed by the visiting professor from USA at the National Mother and Child Health Care center as the number of the illnesses were related with the use of disposable diapers back in 2007.

Today's guest at our Mongol Mind section, which aims to introduce new businesses and start-ups to our readers and increase the awareness to support the domestic production, is the manufacturer of the cotton multi-use diapers.

The diapers are produced using the high quality cotton keeps the fluid for two hours locked. Moreover, the main feature of this cloth diaper is that it is eco-friendly and produced in Mongolia.

Apart from the cloth diaper, they produce breast pads, potty pants (for 12 months old to 2 years old toddlers) blankets, sheet and many more.

Thus, we are delivering you the interview with Ch.Densmaa, Head of Diaper World LLC workshop.

-Let`s start out interview with the question onhow did you find the idea to start the production?
-All of our team members have family and kids. One day we were discussing about what diaper is suitable and what is not for our babies and we found out the information of cloth diaper. Then, we decided to start our production thinking why can't we produce the cloth diapers in Mongolia.  

Before the production, we did little study on that. We did experiments with cloth diapers imported from China, which is affordable, but yet of very poor quality. After that we tried cloth diapers produced in USA purchased from ebay with USD 17. The quality was incomparable with previous one. We loved it. However, it was expensive for consumers with middle income here in Mongolia. One cloth diaper is not enough for the child care. Therefore, we started doing research on the material of cloth diaper bought from USA.

-How many cloth diapers are enough for daily consumption?
-According to the experience of our customers, one cloth diaper is used for 6-8 months and the capacity of absorbency decreases. If you use cloth diaper correctly by washing in hot water, it will be used for maximum of one year.  Absorption of the cloth diaper depends on its type and holds the liquid for maximum of 2 hours.

If baby is to be awake for 12 hours, six diapers to be used in a day. During the night it can be used twice with double padding. So this totals to 10 diapers per day. And in total with the time for drying in mind one baby will need 15-20 diapers until the baby is potty trained.

-How about the prices for the cloth diapers?
-It is ranging between MNT 12-28 thousand. Prices are different depending on the number of stay-dry layer and the baby's weight.

-There are other products available such as breast pads and blankets.
-We produce four types of diapers and other range of baby products as well. Diapers are our main product line. Other products are manufactured in small numbers or according to the orders we receive. Four types of diapers include diaper with pockets, diaper holder, potty pants and absorbents. Other products include diaper changing mat, wearable blanket, swaddling blanket, head bands, drool scarves, breast pads. For breast pads we use the same absorbent as for the diapers. 3 pairs cost MNT 10,000, while one piece is priced MNT 4,000.

Photo: Facebook page of Diaper World

-Swadlling blanket is very interesting. Many parents face problems when it comes to outgrown baby clothes.
-Indeed. The same happened to me. With my firstborn clothes I have kept them, but it become inconvenient.

Then the idea came to use those outgrown clothes for blanket, which can be used later as a mat. 

-Prior starting this business you have made market research. How much money can be saved by using the washable cloth diapers?
-It is estimated that between the age of 0-2 baby needs to change diapers 4,600 times. This totals to MNT 3-4 million just for diapers. Mongolians usually train their babies for potty at very early stages. With this in mind average spending on diapers comes to MNT 2 million. If low income families change diapers once per night it makes up to MNT 500,000 at the very least.

While the use of cloth diapers at different ages can total to just MNT 250,000. People think that using washable diapers is a hassle, but the cloth diaper upper layer absorbs the liquid and stays dry. It can be washed by hand and is also washing machine washable.

-There are several importers of the cloth diapers in Mongolia. What will be the advantages of your product?
-Material used for cloth diapers imported from China and Korea is different from ours. The absorbency is low and the sizes are not suitable for the baby, due to the mass production. WE order the absorbent material from USA, which is of high quality. We cooperate with leading manufacturers.

-You emphasize on the eco-friendly side of the cloth diapers?
-Disposable diaper is indeed a scientific advancement. It saves our time a lot. But disposable diapers use chemicals such absorbent gel and bleach. Scientists from England and Germany have raised the negative impacts of those chemicals used in disposable diapers. Physicians also note on the possible side effects of using the diapers later on, leading to complications with health. 

Moreover the disposable diapers have negative effect on the environment. Majority of the waste in our country is comprised of the waste diapers. it can be seen disposed even in countryside. It takes 500 years for one diaper to dissolve. It means it has enormous side effect on the environement and is placed 3rd on the list of the most hazardous waste in the world.

Therefore, cloth diapers is smart and very eco-friendly choice for the parents.


Potty pants. It is like a panty and easy to pull down and up for toddlers.

Drool pad and breast pads.

Wearable blanket

-Are there any other products already in mind?
-We have tried to produce adult diapers and currently we are testing those. It is receiving positive feedback.

Also we are thinking on producing the wearable blankets for babies with special needs. We are doing market and price research currently for those products.

-There may be parents interested in buying the cloth diapers. What should parents know when buying them?
-Some confuse the cloth diapers with usual clothing. It is a big mistake, as cloth diapers don't have absorbent chemicals, parents need to buy enough of those. There are some instances where parents were not satisfied, due to this mistake. We explain how cloth diapers should be used as every product has specific age range and usage. It is not complicated at all.

-Thank you for your time and wish you success.
-Thank you for supporting our initiative.

Cloth diapers are available at:

  • Central store. Room 801 at Mungut Tower, Urt Tsagaan, 
  • Pharmacy at the 1st Maternity Hospital,
  • Pharmacy at the National Mother and Child Health Care Center,
  • 2nd floor at the Dragon terminal and delivery services are available as well.

More information can be reached at and please click here for their Facebook page.


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