S.Sainjargal: Why we can not take wedding photographs at the highest point of the Mongolia?


2015-08-13 16:34 GMT+8

We are introducing you the one of the best wedding photographers S.Sainjargal. He has been taking wedding photos for eight years besides he has climbed to many mountains including Altai Tavan Bogd (the highest mountain of Mongolia) and Tsambagarav mountain. 

"I followed my sense which allows me to see anything from their different point of view..."

I have been taking photographs for eight years. My profession is an accountant and has been teaching at Mongol University for ten years. I used to draw pictures when I was at secondary school. I entered to photography world without doubt due to I followed my sense which allows me to see anything from different point of view. Also, my hobby to hiking and climbing have triggered. Therefore, I started taking photos of nature while hiking and climbing.

"The first request for wedding photo!"

In 2008, my friend`s brother proposed me to take wedding photos of him. For me, I approached this issue seriously. Because wedding is the most important moment of life for couples. You have to shoot all unforgettable and unrepeatable moment. I did study on wedding photography for a while and researched Chinese and Korean experience. I published my photos at flickr, agshin.mn and suuder.com which attached many attraction and since then I started to receive many requests for wedding photography. On the other hand, photographer Tsatsralt from Gamma agency advised me to work as wedding photographer and I followed.

"The mother who can not hold her tears while watching the dance of father and daughter..."

You can shoot heart touching pictures, if you feel same as the couples. For instance, the moment of father and daughter dance at the wedding. Most of photographers might pay attention to the dance and shoot such moment. But I will focus on the mother who can not hold her tears while watching the dance of her daughter and her husband.

Contact and contact again...”

Due to I mostly contact with young people, I need to be like friends with couples in order to shoot the best photos. If I shoot the nature, I will take my photos after watching the sun. However, I have to adjust to the circumstance during the wedding. Therefore, wedding photography requires more contact than other types of photography.

“Mongolians are more timid and shy...”

Compared with the foreigners, Mongolians are more timid and shy. Foreigners seem very emotional during their wedding while Mongolians control themselves when focusing camera to them. It is a bit difficult.

“I look for everything which might be possible...”

I choose places which include trees, river, rocks and sometimes building for the background. I look for everything which might be possible for the wedding photos. Even, I observe comfortable  chair for the photograph.

Wedding photos can be taken at Huvsgul lake and Selenge aimag...”

Previously, wedding photos were taken at Terelj or suburb. People tend to seek a beautiful natural sites such as Huvgul lake, Selenge aimag, Dundgobi aimag, Elsen tasarhai and Harhorin for wedding photos since three years ago.

Winter forest with snow... Bride with flowers...”

Wedding photos does not have to be captured in fixed patterns. Therefore, I took this photo during the winter time.

Why we can not take wedding photos at Huitenii Orgil of Altai Mountain (the highest point of Mongolia)...”

I love climbing to mountains. Lately, many hiking clubs are being established. Of course, couples will born from one of these clubs. If they want, I would love to take their wedding photos at Huitenii Orgil of Altai Mountain (the highest point of Mongolia). Impossible is nothing.

Yellow steppe with full of flower... Couple with wedding dresses and black sunglasses... Can you imagine...”

People criticized this photo that why couples wear sunglasses? If you look at this photo with artistic eyes, you will feel different. Generally, I want from people to see at wedding photos with different perspective. Currently, our customers could not think outside the box.

“I have not celebrated my own wedding yet...”

Everybody asks me that have you celebrated your own wedding. No, I have not celebrated my own wedding yet.

“I have shared the happiest moment of over 300 couples...”

I proud to say that I am the only one who has been at the most weddings. I have photographed over 300 wedding photos. In that sense, I may be experienced in the wedding ritual.

“I want to go quickly to my home to kiss my wife....”

I feel love for my wife when shooting the happy moments of wedding. I want to go quickly to my home to kiss my wife. Maybe I shoot the best photos due to I feel the environment well.

“My partners are Bayar, Oktyabr and Badamsambuu...”

My partners are Bayar, Oktyabr and Badamsambuu. We go for shooting as a team. However, I was too busy to join with them lately.

“Either wedding photos can tell a history...”

People say that reporting photos will tell a history, either wedding photos. You are able to notice people wear what in 2008 or how to celebrate the wedding. At least, style of national costume and cars are too different from now. Every types of photograph is writing the history.

“I will travel in 2016...”

I climbed to Altai Tavan Bogd in 2013. Last year, I received many requests for wedding photos and did not travel anywhere. Due to next year is the year of Monkey, wedding will be less. I will travel that time.

When I reach the top of the mountains, I feel like I found myself in silence...

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