Preparation of fodder worth of MNT 270 million is required


2015-08-26 10:13 GMT+8

In the scope of the winter season preparation in the capital city the actions for reserving the vegetable with proper warehouse and fodder reserves are being held currently.

Ministry of Food and Agriculture in cooperation with Capital city Special Inspection Authority prepares the guidellines on timely harvesting and reserve preparation of the vegetables and fodder for the year 2015. 

Working group developed the winter preparation plan and ensures the implementation of the plan in the six districts which allow the herding activities with delivery of the guidelines for winter season.

There are 226 storage houses with total capacity of 2,910 tones in capital city and 119 storage space available at entities and citizens with total capacity of 82,972 tones. 

According to the city officials these storage can handle 74.4 percent of the total annual vegetable consumption of the capital city. Moreover, fodder worth of MNT 270 million is required to be reserved for the six districts of Ulaanbaatar city.

Source: Capital City Governor's Office

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