Driver information is mandatory in taxis


2015-09-08 11:35 GMT+8

Do you know what information should be made available in official taxi services? Mandatory informaiton covers the data on which entity the vehicle belongs to, vehicle parking lot number and the name of the driver.

This information has to be made available for the residents to ensure the quality service and in case the customer has left behind belongings, the informaiton provided helps to contact the service providers, which is more suitable for teh customers who had taxi service through the call center, as it is easier to track down the taxi the customer was serviced by. While the procedure might get complicated if the customer did not use the call center.

Driver information and the vehicle parking lot number will make the life easier as those will quickly identify the taxi.

There are 17 entities operating in taxi services in the capital city and those must adhere to the requirements set by the city government governing the public taxi services.

Taxi cabin should provide information on driver, name and color photo, taxi registration number, vehicle parking lot number and the service fees placed in visibility range for the customer.                                                                              

In order to ensure if the taxi service entities are following the rules we have approached Ulaanbaatar Taxi, Noyon Taxi and VIP Taxi services.

Above mentioned companies have placed the requireed informaiton near the rear-view mirror.

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