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2015-09-21 17:01 GMT+8

I saw majestic, admirable and remarkable mountains from the works by photographer B.Erdenebulgan. Even though he is just over twenty years old, he has taken the photographs of the highest peaks of Mongolia including Altai Tavan Bogd, Nairamdal, Tsast Tsambagarav, Sutai, Turgenii Noyon Orgil Deglii Tsagaan, Harhiraan, Delgerhaan as well as Mount Elbrus, the highest in Europe. Thus, he is already known by his unique style and creation within only five years.

"In order to shoot from undiscovered angles, I interested in mountaineering and hiking..."

I like drawing nature when I was a child because my grandfather was an artist. I have painted Mount Otgontenger for many times. Perhaps my talent in painting led me to the photography. Firstly, I took photo of Mount Bogd Khan by small compact camera and I really liked it. Since then, I have collected my money to buy Nikon. My reason for loving the photography is praise and words of encouragement. If people did not support me, I would not have been a photographer. I try to shoot beautiful nature and mountains which are difficult to reach. Therefore, I am interested in mountaineering and hiking in order to shoot from undiscovered angles.

"My first highest peak was Mount Asralt..."

Most mountaineers of Mongolia climb to Mount Asralt, the highest peak of Khentii mountains at first. Accordingly, I climbed to Mount Asralt during winter. I was in a hurry to shoot. After the shooting, I climbed to the near mountain and took the photograph of Mount Asralt.

"Mount Elbrus! The peaks and tops poked above the clouds and the sun rays reflected to the clouds..."

The most majestic and hearttouching peak for me was Mount Elbrus, the highest in Europe. Clouds under my feet, looked like an ocean. The peaks and tops poked above the clouds and the sun rays reflected to the clouds were speechless and amazing...

"My next peak is Tsagaan Suvarga which looks like a sharpened pencil, then Mount Everest..."

My dream is to climb to Mount Everest. But I always think that I will climb to Tsagaan Suvarga, beautiful peak like a sharpened pencil and one of the highest peak of Mount Altai Tavan Bogd.

"I am still learning to achieve for the best ..."

I think I am a good photographer. But I am still learning to achieve for the best. Photography eternizes every moment and writes history.

"I feel full after taking the photos I imagined before."

It is hard to climb mountains besides taking photography. For example; carrying heavy lens, preventing the camera from get frozen during the cold and battery failure. Climbers have to take more risk in some cases. I have never felt difficult because I am doing the work I love. It is wonderful to shoot in unique environment which can not be seen often. I feel full after taking the photos I imagined before.

"Horidol Saridag Mountains have Incredibly beautiful scenery..."

The place I always wanted to visit is Horidol Saridag Mountains. I have incredible feeling that Mongolia has such a beautiful place. There are steep mountains, forests and the highest waterfall.  


Lake Hyrgas in Uvs aimag.

Mount Delgerhaan, Horidol Saridag Mountains and white horse of Darhad

Lake Hoton in Tsengel Soum, Bayan-Ulgii aimag

Night of Lake Huvsgul

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Autumn in Har Zurhnii Huh Nuur, Hentii aimag

Tsagaan Suvarga in Ulziit Soum, Dundgobi aimag

The highest point of Mongolia, Huitnii Orhil, Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains (4374 meters high from the sea level)

The Color of harsh winter in Renchinlhumbe soum, Huvsgul aimag

2444 meters high from Lake Huvsgul

The amazing lights of nature. Zuunharaa, Selenge aimag

The west parts of the image is Russian territory and the east parts of the image is Mongolian territory.

Mount Deglii Tsagaan. 3590 meters high from sea level.

Mount Olymo, Turgen Mountains

Muhart river in Zavhan aimag

Uurtiin Tohoi, Uvurhangai Province

Mount Delgerhaan, Horidol Saridag Mountains

Yoliin Am

Sand dune of Ulaagchnii Har Lake

Hagiin Har Lake, Hentii Aimag

Peace of Hagiin Har Lake

Mount Tsagaan Suvarga, Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains

Mount Elbrus, the highest in Europe. 4800 meters above the sea level

Four season can be seen in one picture. Harhiraan Mountains

Snow wave. Renchinlhumbe soum, Huvsgul aimag

Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains.

Ice river of Mount Harhiraa

Mountaineers protect their lives.

Nature from the high.

Night in Lake Hyrgas, Uvs aimag

The amazing feeling... the peak of Munh Saridag Mountain

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