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2015-10-02 09:21 GMT+8

Mongol Content LLC has become the first company to offer digital contents such as news, images, graphics, available for the mobile phones and change the ringtones with favourite music.

One of the main services the company handles is the national portal website GoGo.mn, which has brought the new breath to the digital media and reporting of the events and has ever since then become the beacon of the industry setting the bars high for its competitors. This has become possible only with the creative and hard working team behind and talented leader.

She has started her career at Mobicom Corp as a Content Operator, but has reached the heights of her career at a young age and successfully leads the Mongol Content LLC today.


-What have you been responsible for as a Content Operator, your first ever job?
-I have graduated Computer Management School in 2001 as Information System Engineer and joined Mobicom as a Content Operator. At that time Mobicom has introduced the  new service WAP, which aimed to deliver news and information for the mobile users. My job was to upload information on weather, exchange rates and horoscopes.

-How have you been visualizing your future then, as a new graduate?
-As I have gained degree in information system I was envisioning myself as an established web designer or web master. But then after three years our department planned to launch the new service MobiMedia and I was assigned as a team leader for the new project. Since then I could say that my life has been connected to content.

-You must have gained credibility from the management as the new service launch was put on your shoulders...
- That decision was not because I was great manager or had expertise. It was more a trust to put in me that I will lead the project to the final results. That was my thought at that time and put me in a position where I did not want to disappoint the management. May be my other traits have led them to make that decision.

-What traits?
At that time my colleagues and management were convinced I was a fighter. They had solid reasons to think so as well. I was living with my husband and baby in a rental apartment, which was not an easy task for the young couple. In 2004 I have found out about the Poverty Reduction Project under ADB to help with loans. I was determined to get qualified for the loans for an apartment, while everyone else was skeptical I could do that. In the end, I have succeeded and with MNT 18 million loan we could purchase our first one bedroom apartment. But it took 2-3 months of hassle. There are many things to learn and see for a newly appointed Project Leader. The biggest challenge for me was the lack of English language skills. I had to communicate with foreign content and technology companies, but I couldn’t. In 2009 I was determined to improve myself and set a goal for myself to learn English and went to 6 months language courses to USA, leaving behind my two year old daughter. After completing my language course I have been able to communicate freely with my clients. It again proves my fighter character.

-Back to the establishment of Mongol Content, which now celebrates its 10th anniversary?
-The establishment of Mongol Content dates back to the time when Mobicom Corp started its Engineering Department shift to New Business Department in 2001 to deliver the digital text content, which then was led by our first CEO B.Altangerel. Mr B.Altangerel has seen the future in the digital content field and suggested establishing the separate content company to the management. Over 10 employees and Mr B.Altangerel have separated from Mobicom Corp as a daughter company on October 1st of 2005. I was among those first employees.


-It requires a talent to motivate and move the employees? What is your secret?
-There is no secret. I have started my career from the bottom. I would define my style of management as human oriented. I try to seek the advantages in my employees. In general it is proven that once person has trust he or she can perform better. I try to support every one in my team and help in their development. My approach does not focus on pointing out mistakes, I rather go the other way around and try to help in realizing their better sides professionally and personally. I seek for good traits in a person.

-Distinguishing of the good traits is not an easy task?
-I could say I can easily distinguish whether the person has good traits. My main principle is to put trust in that person. When person can feel the trust and support there is nothing to stop his creativity and spirit. It give one a goal and an objective to go after. I say to my employees: “You can do it. You can make mistakes, but make sure those mistakes are minimal. We will support and go hand in hand.”

-Your employees convey that happy feel. Is the participation of the management in creating warm environment at work a must?
-When there is a will, anyone can change towards better. I had one employee with very negative attitude, which was not helping at all in being productive. The person was a fresh graduate. I had to meet in person and tell to make a change towards the better. After six months I received an appreciation letter from the employee and how the positive change has changed the person’s life, work and overall improvement. There are many exapmples I can bring here.


-GoGo.mn website is among the top products of your company. Many well celebrities were advertising the launch of the website at that time.
Indeed. In 2007 our first CEO has come with an idea to establish national portal website GoGo.mn and has hired the new team consisting of journalists, programmers and system engineers. The success of the GoGo.mn is closely related with our first CEO.

Our company operates in many content directions and GoGo.mn website is the one that generates content both in journalism and information technology fields. Therefore, it was our main direction to stick to main journalism principles, ethics and internationally accepted standards. It has been the grounds for us to stay independent, remain away breaching any intellectual property by eliminating any plagiarism in our daily work. This in turn has created the value for us today.

-What is the reason behind remaining independent throughout the years, while the problem still is a challenge for many in the field?
-GoGo News Agency follows its Ethics Code all the time. It keeps the editorial to remain independent and free of any possible pressure and also imposes responsibility on every member of the GoGo News Agency employee, eliminating any illegal action.

-Many would agree that your news website has brought the fresh breath into digital journalism with its attractive design, scope of coverage of main events happening in social, political and economic life and bringing the investigative articles to the audience?
-We have renewed the GoGo.mn website in 2014 after many years since its launch. In the scope of those changes we brought in Comics section to portray the pressing social and economic issues and focused more on the needs of our readers to be more informed about the biggest events happening in Mongolia and have the trusted insight of those events. We have expanded the editorial team and now we have 15-20 journalists working daily to bring the news from the sources. Investigative journalism has been long missed in the field, therefore we started building up the experience and expertise in this field as well, and we can proudly say today that through our efforts in investigative journalism we could reach the policy and decision makers and made big impacts. Moreover, our journalists are specializing in different fields gaining expertise.

-How do you see the future as a person having an extensive experience in internet and website business?
-Number of Internet users and the speed of Internet are increasing rapidly, which in turn increases the demand for the digital journalism. It has become convenient for the user to reach out for the mobile device and search for any news and information to stay informed. In that regard, websites give far more freedom and options for the users. Moreover, it has become the platform for the freedom of speech, therefore becoming an invaluable channel. As the Internet has become the basic for the future communication, content has proven to be the inseparable part of our lives.


-What were the most proud moments for your company in past 10 years?
-It already has been 10 years since our first days of establishment. Our first ever business was the creation of the contents for the mobile phones. Since that time we have penetrated the notion of respecting of the intellectual property and have introduced the revenue share model being the first company to do so. This was the initiative of one of our first managers B.Avirmed. We have made changes in the market by using licensed and legal contents and delivering the quality products to our clients. Today this is the biggest change we have brought in the industry, as many other entities started using the works of others with permission. We are proud to have set the bars high from the start.

-What have your team planned to do?
-Mongol Content have focused on creating contents for mobile devices, penetrated the media market and introduced many products on the digital market. We have shaped our goal for the next 10 years as to be the creators of quality contents to compete on global market. In that regards we are to cooperate with all content producers. First of those initiatives is we have sealed the cooperation agreement with leading actors of Mongolia R.Ankhnyam and B.Amarsaikhan and Hero Entertainment to step up Mongolian film industry.

In music industry we are to launch the Mongol Music project, which aims to act as a music distributor for the performers and authors of the industry. Moreover, we are in talks to deliver foreign music to audience in Mongolia with official rights.

Our next project is set to create Mongol comics and animation and in the scope of the project we are cooperating with leading representatives in Mongolia.

Mongol Video project is to deliver quality entertainment and talk shows to be produced in cooperation with content producers and televisions.

-There is one question that must be asked from a CEO. What is the reason behind the success and management that leads the company to be the leader in the industry?
-I have changed the vertical management style to the horizontal. In other words, I have got rid of the bottlenecks related with having one person to be in charge of everything and distributed the responsibilities throughout the middle management team. This allowed us to enter into new sectors of the industry at once and lead many projects at the same time. We have 55 employees yet we manage to operate in so many sectors successfully and with more to come. This way I have organized the management team in a very effective way.

-It might be a little bit of a challenge for a woman to lead the business. There should be strong family support as well?
-I am the middle child of a family with six girls. We have always been supportive of each other and we were raised in that spirit as well. When I look back to years behind sometimes I wonder how did I raised my three kids. Sure enough, there was strong bond among us sisters and we always supported each other. Also I could not leave my husband and partner in life out of all I have achieved. I have a strong back, who is ready to support, help and advice whenever I need them most.

-Many are convinced that woman should stay at home or should combine work and family. Do you agree with that?
-I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. As for my family, we are always there for each other. Both of us are working and are contributing to the happiness of our family. We have been together for 18 years and there have not been a single day that one of us have demanded something different from each other.

-What do you get motivated from in challenging times?
-There are indeed times of challenge. First thing I do is to seek advice from my other half. He usually says to sit on the issue and not try to solve it right away and motivates me to seek for the right solutions. Moreover, there were times when I got said by my previous CEO that I have become discouraged easily and having negative attitude and advised me to look at things positively. Indeed the change in attitude has led me to more success than I could ever think of.

-Whom have you inherited the fighting spirit?
-My father has been a physics teacher for many years and worked in Tuv aimag for his whole life. My mother has been a construction engineer and always was a helping and attentive person. Probably my fighter character has been inherited from my mother, while my father has taught me to be hard working and  persistent.

-Thank you for your time. Wishing you and your team happy 10th anniversary.
I would like to take this moment and express my gratitude to the management, employees, partners and clients of all time!.

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