P.Enhtuvshin: I have a plan to produce shoes with Mongol pattern


2015-10-08 15:30 GMT+8

Fashion photographer P.Enhtuvshin has developed “Solid” brand, which offers T-shirt with Mongolian antique images printed on it. Even though he qualified as programmer, he had started to take fashion photographs accidently and now he has five years of experience in this field.

Earlier, he was working for "Gobi' JSC as a photographer and now he has established his own photo studio. He takes not only fashion but also other genres of photos including nature, interior design, family and children. 

We have invited him to our "Mongol Mind" section and interviewed on his "Solid" brand.

-You are designing T-shirts with very unique solution. How did you find the idea to start the production?

-I have always wanted to create a thing with Mongol pattern. Currently, I am working to improve my T-shirt design after receiving positive feedbacks.

-I heard that the T-shirts are produced abroad. Why did you decide to order T-shirt from abroad? In Mongolia, we have many companies which print images on T-shirt. It is cheaper in here, is not it?

-First of all, I did not like the material and stitch of the T-shirts offered by Mongolian companies. I wanted to produce high quality T-shirt, then I decided to order the material from abroad, which is 100% of fabric and sewing is good.

Second, it is cheaper to produce abroad than in Mongolia. Moreover, there has not been a company able to print the front picture by its actual size; only options to print pictures in A4 and A3 size.

-What would you change in order to improve the design of your T-shirt? 

-I will follow latest fashion trends by shortening the sleeve and work on the shape of T-shirt to fit perfectly on the body. Also, I have the plan to introduce T-shirt for women.

-Will you print modern images on T-shirt? The color selection is interesting too.

-I mostly produce T-shirt with old or antique images on it. If I print modern picture, people will not much interested in it. But I produced a T-shirt with modern picture of horse taken by me. For the color, I selected recent trend colors.

I ordered copper color for that picture but it was printed in purple

-How about the prices for the T-shirts?

-I am planning to set the prices for T-shirt at MNT 50-55 thousand. I think it is the most reasonable price.

-Will you sell your T-shirts at stores?

-I have the purpose to open “Solid” brand shop after finding a good printing company. Except the T-shirt, I have a plan to manufacture shoes with Mongol pattern in near future. I figured out the designs for the shoes. However, I prefer to produce high quality T-shirts first.

-Is there any possibility to export your products? Have you think about that?

-I received proposal to sell my products in Hong Kong and Japan. Moreover, people from Korea contacted me and requested to purchase my products by large numbers for sell. But first, I should finalize my products.

-Let me ask one thing away from the subject. Why you became fashion photographer?

-Previously, I was working as web master for Gobi JSC. Italian designer Saverio Palatella hired a photographer for her fashion photographs. But she did not like the photos taken by the photographer. I took several photos with my camera and she liked mine. Then she wanted me to take photos of her two collection. Since then I started to take fashion photographs.

-Thank you. Good luck.

/Below is the photographs of P.Enhtuvshin/

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