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2015-10-30 10:34 GMT+8

"Husug" brand which released their products at last week through social media and received many positive feedbacks from the public has three collections of more than 20 types of products.

Former International NGO employee and economist A.Namuun and costume, cashmere and wool knitting designer A.Sarnai jointly initiated the project.

A.Sarnai said that as a professional designer, I am very excited my dream of creating Mongolian products with unique design and pattern came true and became good deeds helping others.

We interviewed with the founders of "Husug" brand A.Namuun and A.Sarnai about the brand, the production and future goals.

-Even though your products were introduced in last week, you have been receiving words of encouragement through social media. Let`s start out interview with the goal of "Husug" brand?

-Currently, everyone is talking about supporting domestic production, increasing export and improving economy. We started with the aim to contribute to our country by creating basic products and released our first collection in cooperation with women doing housework.

Our products are being created thanks to numerous people's contributions, including garment, jewelry and souvenir industry, Stay-at-Home moms, skilled women interested to increase their income and disabled women.

-How did you find out the idea for an initial product?
-I am studying Ph.D in China, with the thesis work on "Opportunity to expand Mongolian agricultural market or to estimate by the gravitational model". In scope of my research, I attended international training named "Social Enterprise" held in Italy. While meeting with international social enterprisers and watching their presentations there, I was really motivated to develop this sector in Mongolia. Social Enterprise refers to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being by any business operation. In other word, it is described as activity of "a positive environmental impact "

Although creators gain profits from their innovative products and services, other stakeholders including all people involved in the creation also benefit from the business, with contributions to environment and social well-being.

It is also associated with the operation of our "Eureka Young Designers Association" NGO with the objective of supporting  people doing home production or creating Mongolian products on the design and technology, contributing to support of foreign trade. Thus, we found out the idea to establish "Husug"' brand. 

 Experiment and research on product have started from October, 2013 and lasted for two years.

-How many products have you produced currently?
-We produce over ten types of products including notebook and mobile phone cases, wallets, iPad and laptop cases,
eyeglass cases. Three collections have been released so far under "Husug" project.

Collection named as Lotus includes religious decorations such as Nepal stone and Dharma drum. 

Lotus collection
Lotus collection
Lotus collection

Collection named as "Hunnu" was inspired by the upper flap of a Hunnu Deel.

Hunnu collection
Hunnu collection
Hunnu collection

Our third collection is decorated with yin and yang, the main symbol of the Feng Shui.

Yin and Yang collection
Yin and Yang collection
Yin and Yang collection

-It is commendable that you are offering an opportunity to earn income for disabled women and stay-at-home mothers. How many employees do you have?
-We have 15 employees as ten out of them are working from home. One of them is a really good sewer but has hearing problem. The disabled or women leading households usually work in our company. Namely, two-thirds of our employees are female-headed households which may be considered as noteable and worrisome data.

During the international training, I introduced my research to international youths and received many positive feedbacks from them. After the presentation, many people advised me as the participant from India inspired me by telling the story about same organization operate in India - their female employees introduced their products used traditional patterns and decorations to the world market and now became the main exporting body of their country. It seemed praiseworthy to me that many female-headed households stand behind such world acknowledged products.

-Our readers may be interested in the prices for the products.
-Our products are required of handmade and delicate works. We initially aimed to produce quality products that meet export standards. Prices for iPad cases is at MNT 35000-42000, prices for wallet is at MNT 38000-45000 and prices for notebook cover is ranging between MNT 25000-35000.

iPad case of Hunnu collection

Let`s imagine that one company to purchase gifts for guests worth MNT 3.5 million. If it buys a pen from China, the money will go to China. If it purchases our products, it will invest to our employees.

Prices for our products is not expensive compared to our efforts of creating products.

-Could you share your further goals with us?
-"Husug" brand has slogan of “Endless inspiration of Nomad”. Therefore, design idea of products is never ending and we have planned to increase our collection and will use livestock raw materials such as hides and skins, leather, felt, wool and cashmere.

Right now we are cooperating with “MR” brand on leather and felt combined collection. Further we should be glad because of cooperating with industries which produce Mongolian raw materials to finished products and aimed to increase Mongolian export.


We have recently introduced our products to the public and we are very pleased that the public is giving us great encouragement and calling for each other to support national products.

However, at this time of economic difficulty, I want not only people to call for each other to use Mongolian brands but also organizations and companies to prefer purchasing from Mongolia than abroad to get profits remain in local economy.

-Thank you for the interview. Good luck to you.

If you want additional information on "Husug" brand, please visit their website and click HERE.  Moreover, click HERE for their Facebook page.

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