Ministry of Education to cooperate with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2015-11-10 14:05 GMT+8

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science L.Gantumur was given a right to establish cooperation agreement on behalf of the Government with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to support development of higher education and to develop entrepreneurship innovation in science sector.

MIT was established in 1861 as 81 graduates of the MIT were awarded Nobel Prize.

It has been leading the QS list for the last three years, which determines the world's top universities.

15 students from Mongolia are studying at the university, which has 11.000 students, more than 1000 professors and 800 teachers as of today.

Minister of Education, Culture and Science L.Gantumur submitted an official letter proposed to cooperate in higher education and science sectors to the President of MIT.

In regards of the proposal, the working group of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has worked at MIT, while the working group of MIT chaired by the Director of Foreign Affairs arrived in UB to conduct preliminary study on terms of cooperation and worked at research institutes of Mongolian University of Science and Technology and Mongolian National University,

Minister of Education, Culture and Science L.Gantumur and Vice President of MIT Claude Canizares have mutually agreed to sign memorandum of cooperation, conduct joint research, cooperate with professors on training and technical direction and work as guest teacher.

The Government to sign Memorandum of Cooperation with MIT on November 15-20, 2015.

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