Nine facts of Chinggis Khaan

Zuunii Medee

2016-10-31 10:00 GMT+8

Mongol Empire established by the Chinggis Khaan and his following Kings was the second largest contiguous land empire in history which covered 33 million hectares of land from Korean Peninsula to Hungary. At that time, 100 million countries were being ruled under the leadership of Mongol Empire including China, Iraq, Iran and Central Asian countries which were the developed and the most populous. 


Chinggis Khaan approved Ikh Zasag Law (Great Administration) in order to enforce discipline in Mongol Empire and strictly complied with the law. He prohibited stealing, lying and adultery while he upheld freedom of belief. The Ikh Zasag Law was the success key of Mongol Empire. 


After the death of his father, Temuujin and his family overcame the lethal and hard fights for survival. When he was only 10 years-old, he fought with his older half-brother for the power of the eldest male in the family and Temuujin killed him with bows and arrows. Campaign to unite scattered tribes of the steppe is considered to be started from that moment.


Chinggis Khaan was prominent military leader. Many cases remain that he won their enemies with unexpected tricky method. All Mongols were horsemanship, they drive horse with their two feet and their hands become free to shoot by bow and arrow.


Chinggis Khaan prefers coexistence of harmony and peace. He declared the inviolable rights of official messengers and representatives to the world.


Chinggis Khaan had never allowed to paint his portrait. His first portrait was painted after his death. His descendants and servants buried his body in a very mysterious way. They held major ceremony in four other places in order to hide the exact place where he was finally buried.


After the victory of war, Mongols were used to align the prisoner women and girls in front of the king, princes and generals. At first, the King choose the women that he liked the most and leave others to his princes and outstanding soldiers. Some historical sources said that Chinggis Khaan had more than 40 concubines. But Chinggis Khan had total of six queens.


0.5 percent men in the world`s population is the direct descendants of Chinggis Khaan. In other words, total of 16 million people are the direct descendants of Chinggis Khaan. Scientists estimated that number of indirect descendants of Chinggis Khan reached nearly 800 million people.


Development and conquest of Mongol Empire has made significant contribution to the development of the world`s economy and trade. Mongols developed the improvement of courier post and diplomatic messenger. Some ascribe that Europeans was frightened of Mongolian conquest and started to unite which laid the foundation of current European Union.


Reason for his death is the most mysterious thing of his life. The most popular myth is that he died from injury because of he fell off a horse. There are also some common options, of him dying of a sickness and arrow wound in his legs. Another one is that he was poisoned or murdered by Chinese princess. However, Chinggis Khaan successfully concealed his peaceful place to sleep forever. Scientists assume that he is buried somewhere close to the Burhan Haldun Mountain in Hentii Aimag.

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