Cooperation on creating pleasant environment for investors

2015-11-18 09:51 GMT+8

Head of Financial Regulatory Commission Z.Narantuya attending Mongolian Investment Summit held annually in Hong Kong has made the visit to Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Hong Kong securities and futures commission, and held the meeting with the Chairman Mr. Carlson Tong and Chief Regulatory Office and Head of Listing Mr. David Graham.

As a result of the meeting, Financial Regulatory Commission and Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission agreed to cooperate on improving the capacity of supervising activities and refining regulations, which meet developed-countries’ standards. 

Moreover, two sides discussed further partnership between stock exchanges of two countries, and asking same level of requirements for companies listed on both stock exchanges with mutual acceptance of respective regulations, and creating pleasant environment for listed companies and potential investors.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange is eager to revive its agreement established with Mongolian Stock Exchange in 2007 and to extend the partnership.

Public Relations and Media Department of Financial Regulatory Commission

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