Yummies in UB: Burger King


2015-11-18 12:43 GMT+8

We are happy to deliver new column "Yummies in UB", in partnership with Songo Delivery. We will be exploring best foods and places including both old and new ones. Here is our first column featuring Burger King in Mongolia.

Burger King is here!

The Whopper has officially arrived in Mongolia before the Big Mac, which makes me wonder somewhat we know what good burger is here. To be honest, I wasn’t very excited or expecting much from the newest fast food franchise in UB.

However, the moment I’ve entered Burger King, the staffs were very cheerful and friendly which immediately made me felt that I was super welcomed. Spare me, you fellow KFC and Pizza Hut, I rarely experienced such real cheerful greetings from you guys since I can only pick on you two as you are the only existing global fast food chains here for the time being. Anyhow, the customer service is getting better by day with the service industry here as we start to understand how important it is to treat our customer right.

So, going back to the food business. I have ordered a Whopper set that comes with fries and soda: the simplest one from their menu to testify if their burgers are any good. Thereupon, I was curious about their fancy flame grilling of the patties that they always seem to be proud of. Why? Because, we are the meat loving modern nomads so we know the differences of meat and the way it’s cooked. Guess, what happened after the first bite? Yuppie, the meat patty had that well cooked smoky flavor and all the other righteous combination of fresh ingredients includes warm fluffy buns with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and pickles they all just tempts you get messy with that Handsome Whopper, till it’s no longer left in my hands. And there is the solution for those who complain about their burger size for being too small. Just order Double Whopper, simple as that!

Despite the differences of people's opinion about fast food chains, it is a great addition to UB's food scene, as we tend to get bored easily from our narrow selections and lack of variety when it comes to eating out. In addition, it was applausive to see how well they have trained their stuff at Burger King and I hope they will keep the standard high with the food and service quality.

By Tuul Bat 2015.11.15





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