Peking Duck with the history of 700 years arrives in Mongolia

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2015-11-24 14:43 GMT+8

Peking duck, a favorite dish for nobles in Beijing over 700 year earlier, now can be tasted for real in Mongolia.

Please, let us explain the emphasis of ‘for real’.

Peking duck traditionally roasted in oven is prized for its thin, crisp skin, with authentic version of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat, sliced in front of the diners by the cook. Hutong Restaurant now gives us an opportunity to eat the authentic version of the perking duck with the first hand experience, which can be only found in China. In other words, you are able to taste a Peking duck roasted in open oven in Mongolia for the first time.

The perfect taste of Peking duck dish hugely depends on firewood used. So, the restaurant brings meat of the duck raised with a special method in China and firewood from Nanjing where the dish was originated. Firewood must be hardwood from peach or pear trees.

Also, proficient chefs are what make the restaurant notable. For example, chef Mr. Zhang Yun Li working at one of the famous restaurants serving perking duck in Beijing will cook for you at Hutong restaurant. He had been seasoned by working at the Quanjude famous with national dishes and established in 1864 in Beijing.

Hutong restaurant is able to serve 130 people and has 4 VIP rooms with the capacity of accommodating 10, 14, 18, 32 people.

Moreover, induction stove installed in each table of the restaurant enables diners to eat hot pot dishes, which are cooked in Clay Pot rather than a metal pot used in most restaurants

The term ‘hutong’ appeared first during the Yuan Dynasty, and is a term of Mongolian origin meaning of “water well”, so that the restaurant’s logo displays the image of water well.

Interesting fact is; Peking duck is 1st in list of “10 Foods Around The World to Try Before You Die”.

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