Buses made in Mongolia to serve from tomorrow

B.Sondor GoGo.mn

2015-11-25 16:43 GMT+8

Invented by Mongolian engineers, 20 J-800T buses with the engine of Euro – 4 will start transportation services for passengers from tomorrow on the route of Officer Palace – Khanyin Material.

Within the framework of “The Program to develop the city’ transportation sector until 2020”, Mongolian engineers have assembled the buses, with the aim to create jobs and apply new technologies.

Capital City Governor and Ulaanbaatar Mayor Mr. E.Bat-Uul was today shown eco-friendly buses, which cost total investment of MNT 5.3 billion. He said: “Total of 2500 buses are necessary to be deployed in order to reform public transportation completely. We are aiming to establish bus-production factory jointly with private companies, and to prefer to use locally assembled buses for public transportation services rather than imported buses.”

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