The story of a little "Bumbardai" continues


2015-11-30 15:02 GMT+8

“Bumbardai” illustrated children’s book is unique with its intriguing story about the boy’s family, friends, adventure, nature and animals, with the display of Mongolian traditions and culture.

4th series of “Bumbardai – Stone Play” book was released and presented at ‘Az Khur’ bookstore on last Saturday.

Next story of little Bumbardai will continue with “Stone Play” in which he plays with his friends in stone-built circle as roles of family members /traditional play of kids usually in countryside/, and friendship and human kindness are shown.

Bumbardai won the top prize out of 317 comic books from 46 countries in International Manga Awards held in August 2014 in Japan.

N.Erdenebayar, author, Illustrator and Chief of Illustrated story of Nomadic Life Fund, and Mongol Content LLC are in cooperation on creating “Bumbardai” illustrated book series, which has the aim to present Mongolian traditions and culture, and to teach children of new generation about how to love the nature and nomadic livelihood.

'Bumbardai' comic book author Erdenebayar Nambaral

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