Invest Mongolia Conference to be held in Tokyo

2015-11-30 17:15 GMT+8

Japanese invested and Mongolian-based Frontier Securities LLC is going to organize the third Mongolian investment conference in Tokyo on December 9. Below are the reasons to attend the conference in Tokyo

1. Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has been signed between the two this year and therefore, we anticipate new business opportunities will emerge with Japan.

2. Strong political ties between Mongolia and Japan still exist and Japanese Government is keen to support the economic growth of Mongolia. For instance, Japan has helped issue the Samurai bond in 2013 and the construction of the new airport will be completed in 2016. They are providing the technical assistance to the development of the capital market in Mongolia as well. So, we want to hear the progress of the existing projects and also want to hear what’s more?

3. Backed by the strong stock market in Japan, the amount of Merger & Acquisition of Japanese companies have increased by 50% YOY. As President of Keidanren has visited Mongolia recently, there is a growing speculation that big Japanese companies may want to enter in this market finally. We will examine the possibility and also the challenges for that.

4. Smaller companies in rural areas in Japan are looking for business with Mongolia in Agriculture, retail, real estate and financial services. However, they do not have enough connections and expertise in Mongolia. Therefore, both international and Japanese experts in each field will be there to match making with Japanese counterparts.

5. Invest Mongolia has become the largest Mongolia related investors' conference in Japan attracting 300 people interested in business, JV etc. And, the composition of the delegates will be 70 percent: Japanese, 20 percent: Mongolians and 10 percent: other international delegates.

Conference will be conducted in English and Japanese.

Over 30 speakers are confirmed to take part in the conference.

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