Entities to be charged for uncleaned snow and ice


2015-12-11 09:42 GMT+8

Entities are responsible for the cleanness, furnishing and safety of the area within 50 m of their location.

In the scope of this responsibility 220 entities of Khan-Uul district have signed an agreement to be responsible for the safety, furnishing and cleannes of the area within 50 m of their location.

In case of breach of the agreement the district will take strict measures including to the licensing rights revoking. 

In Bayangol district 28 entities were warned to comply with the regulations of which 26 have eliminated the violations. 23 Inspectors of the district have made notes on violations of 315 entities and citizens trashing the streets.

13 inspectors of Chingeltei district have delivered the notes of the violation to the District Governor's Office. Further the violators will be inspected and taked measures.

Moreover, Ulaanbaatar City Mayor's Office have informed that entities with violations will be fined on basis of the Special Inspection Office decree based on the notes of the district inspectors.


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