T.Battsetseg: To be loved and respected by others is more rewarding than becoming Miss or Top model


2015-12-17 10:17 GMT+8

Recently, a Mongolian beauty had walked the world stage. You probably already got the idea whom I am writing about when you read the previous sentence. Our guest is T.Battsetseg, one of the top 20 contestants of “Miss World 2014”. We interviewed her before she left to compete in “Miss Tourism Queen of the year international” which ranks one of the first seven in the world.

I was humble and modest child,
but I found myself from art and sports

Your success has started since 2007. You won Asian Super Model in 2010, The Best Model of Goyol Festival in 2012, and Miss of Manchuria in 2012 and became one of the top 20 contestants of World Miss 2014. Following these how much your life has changed?

Behind all these there is one person, my mom, who stands by me always. Technically, my life has changed quite a lot after setting foot into fashion industry. For instance, it engrained patience and communication skills. I have been playing sports since my childhood. Therefore, I learned tp be patient from sports. I always appreciate my mom for providing with an opportunity to be involved in sports. 

I heard that your mother has Sports Master degree?

My mom Altantsesteg and she is well known as Sports Master in basketball. Also she has been in athletics. She would always win medals and awards from international competitions. 



Probably most of your childhood was spent in sports halls and gyms as your mother was involved have sports master mother?

Yes, indeed. I went to volleyball club on top of attending basketball trainingfor long time and won several medals from National Championships. I have Sports degree in basketball. Except sports, I like to dance and won several medals from dance competitions. Honestly, I was well-mannered child and therefore, I got used to do things on time and in accordance with the rules. Even though I was humble and modest child, I think I found myself from art and sports. 

Have you ever dreamt of your current success? Your success started as long as you walked on runway.

First, I have been interested in modeling just in order to improve my posture. Then my teacher sent me to a modeling competition, which was held in Darhan just after 14 days of training and I was extremely happy to win the competition, although I could not walk properly in heels. That kick started my modelling career.


It is important to lead life in a proper way
as my family and children will remain after me


What feeling did you have when you started to succeed and started being popular?

It is an amazing feeling. I think that being loved and respected by others is more rewarding than becoming Miss or Top model.

It should be amazing to be loved and admired by public. On the other hand, great success is often accompanied with scandal and envy? 

Currently, I am living in excessive praise. But there are still some people who criticize me. They seek for faults from my words and actions. I cannot be accepted by all the people. The most important thing is to live right. Because my life will affect to my family and children. 

How much is it hard to carry the title of Miss?

Although it was not easy to reach to the top, it is much harder to carry the title of Miss. It demands more cleverness. 

People think that modeling is an easy job. How is it in reality?

It might seem easy. People think it is easy to model as everyone is walking in front of camera with full of energy and beautiful smile. But in reality, we are exhausted with very aggressive schedule and always try our best to look beautiful. It is hard to look beautiful all the time. It requires a lot of patience from us. 

Facts about Asian Top Model and Miss T.Battsetseg

  • "New Wave 2007" – Best of the Best Model;
  • "BBQ-2 Photo miss contest 2008" - SK Cara Photo miss;
  • "Mongoljingoo-2009" – Best Model;
  • "Asian super Model-2010" – Asian Top Model;
  • "Miss Mongolia-2010" – Vice miss;
  • "Beauty of Buriatya-2010" – Winner;
  • "GOYOL 2012" – Best Model of Kerasis Brand;
  • "Miss Manchuria 2011" – Winner;
  • "Miss Earth 2012"
    - "Resorts wear competition" – 2nd runner up and Bronze medal;
  • "Miss Tourism Queen Interntional 2013"
    - "Miss Bikini of the World" – 1st runner up,
    - "Miss Elegant" – 1st runner up;
  • "Miss World Mongolia 2014" – National Winner;
  • "Miss World 2014"
    - "Miss Top Model" - Top 20,
    - "Miss Sport" - Top Finalist,
    - "Beauty with a purpose" - Top 28,
    - "Dance of the world" - Top 8.

Our job requires us to be flawless 

Is it hart to be flawless all the time?

Yes, our work and duty forces us to be flawless. However no one is perfect, even the god as well. People think that misses should be always beautiful. But we are human beings, just like others. 

Can you be comfortable and make yourself at home when being surrounded by many?

I can be comfortable all the time. Some might misunderstand this. But my friends and classmates who know me well, define me as very simple person. That is who I am. 

Do you ever get tired of all the attention?

Of course it nice to be respected. It is a wonderful feeling when you respect someone and is being respected in return. I think, I step forward by being respected. 

Perhaps there are times when you just want to break free from all those stigmas?

Yes. At those times I would wear sportswear and sunglasses then wander in streets. 

Do you consider anyone as your competitor?

I do concentrate on growing my skills rather than focusing on a competition. It would be appropriate to return to talk on competitors after I will be satisfied with bettering myself first. 

Then there aren’t any?

I do not know, I haven’t thought about that yet.

How would you feel if your competitor becomes World Miss?

It is certain that it won’t be someone older than my age. But the one of my age or few years younger could become. There is a saying: "times are not always the same, the grass is not always green".

Do you have boyfriend?

I used to have. Generally, I do not like to talk about my personal life. I think it’s a risk to disclose my private life, because I am open enough to the public. I want to live peacefully and happily with my family. Therefore, it is right to not disclose my personal life.  

Because of scandals?

More than scandals, it is more related with my upbringing. As I said before, praises do motivate me and help to believe in myself

From what I have read there is not much negative light about you in press?

Thank you. I usually do not pay much attention to the negativity. Honestly, there is not much time to focus on those.

I do not prioritize negativity

It means that you are a calm person?  

Indeed. I do not prioritize negativity. I always seek the peaceful approach.  

How do you express your anger?

I do not express my depression or anger. Technically, I am a mild person.  

What do you do when you are angry?

I just stop talking. 

How long?

It depends on the matter. The longest period I stopped talking continued for a month. Of course I was offended at that time. 

On the other hand being kind is peaceful for the mind. 

Some say that kind people suffer more. But I do not pay attention to this. Because if someone does bad things for me, the negative consequences will affect that person. 

Have you lost anything because of being tender?

No. But I guess it is wrong to say no. There is saying to never say never. 

Do you consider yourself as spoiled?

People say I am a little spoiled because I am the youngest child of the family. Even though I grew up loved by my mom, I am not that much spoiled. I think I grew up with really good upbringing. We learned to respect elders. However people lack the respect to elders nowadays. Mongols need mild manners. 

How greedy you are?

I am not greedy. While others chase after garments when shopping, I have never had that feeling. I am just like my mom… 

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Last time I cried while watching movie “Father” /Aav/


When you were competing for World Miss 2014, you helped for children with birth heart defects. At that time, I understood that beauty pageant participant is not only the symbol of beauty, but also they aim to unite for welfare of the world and to spread the good deeds. In addition to the above, what other issues worry you?

There are many issues I do worry about. Nowadays, people seem to have lost humanitarian side. We live in a society where we cannot trust each other. I worry much about this.  

What do you compare nice thing to?

I like to compare any nice thing to sun. Because sun warms up people and spreads a lot of energy. 

How important is the hope for reaching success? 

Fashion industry made me confident. Self confidence is important in whatever one does. Self confidence leads to success ahead. Therefore, self-confidence is the most important character. Except we need to have strength. Of course life will not always be perfect. You will fail and you will succeed.

Are you a cry baby? When did you cry last time?

I cry frequently. I cry even when watching movie. 

What movie did you watch and cry?

Last time I watched movie "Aav" and cried. 

There is no close relationship with Dagvaa and me 

There is a common understanding that models are related to popular men. Is it true in fashion industry?

Not really. I have thought about it a lot. Of course, famous models won’t hang out with ones who are not their circle. It is also common for women to hang out with people of higher circle. While here for that only choice is laid upon the business people. And on the other hand it is easy to misunderstand if the friends are business people to link the friendship with money. While no one know whether the relationship is pure love or pure friendship.

When did you fall in love the most recent?

Maybe a year ago…

Are you still in love?


Anyway good luck to your love. 

Thank you. 

Talking about love, there were times when you were rumored to be connected with Asashoryu Dagvadorj…

I was just thinking if you are about to ask it. It was covered a lot in media. I have never reacted to any single article at that time. I would like to take a chance and announce through your website that Dagvaa and I had no close relationship at all. He is one of the prides of Mongolia and everyone including me respects him. He is like my older brother to me. When there were articles about us I was really down to actually see those nasty words when I was connected to my brother.  But I thought that we might have been mistaken during our official meetings. I do not react in a very sensitive way to those kind of rumors.

During your World Miss competition Asashoryu rooted for you…

He did. He was saying he will support Miss Mongolia.  

As there are no eternal things, I would prefer happy life 

May I ask one interesting question?

Please do.

What would you do if you notice a spider on your garment at the most important moment on stage?

If there is spider, I will try to act as if there is none. I won’t be scared that much, but I must say that I am afraid of insects.

What if someone is ignorant to you? 

It makes me nervous. Sometimes I say to the person directly that I don’t like that kind of attitude. Sometimes I would ignore it and then won’t talk to that person.  

When are you the happiest? 

Warm and welcoming atmosphere makes me happy… 

Would you choose expensive house or a little cottage in the woods? 

I would prefer the expensive house. I like to be in comfort. 

Which one would you choose? Eternal beauty, simple yet happy life, eternal age for your mother? 

I would like to choose all three. But there is no eternal thing and therefore I would prefer simple yet happy life.

Thank you for your time and an interesting insight ■

"Fashion industry made me confident. Self confidence is important in whatever one does. Self confidence leads to success ahead."

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