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I interviewed with woman of extremely humble, skillful and soft nature. This time GoGo Cafe features Asian Top Model O.Ariunzul. 

However, when I knew I was pregnant, the essential things of my life seemed nothing to me

It seems very hard to be a model. You have to keep your body in shape after giving birth. Because you need to walk on runway again. I thought that when I saw your picture breastfeeding your baby at the backstage of “Goyol” 2016 Festival.

When I got pregnant, I thought that I must pay attention to my body more. For me, if the doctor does not advise to limit movement, it is good to be active. You should not gain too much weight during pregnancy. However I am not talking about being on a starvation diet. You should avoid eating products with flour and sugar and you should eat vegetables with vitamins. Everything depends on diet during pregnancy, so you should focus on what you are eating. As a result you will be able to avoid gaining too much weight. For me, I went to pregnancy fitness in order to revitalize my body.

How did you feel when you found out that you were pregnant? Of course, it is the happiest moment of human life, you might have been excited a lot? 

When I was representing my country at “Miss Model of the World” which was held in Hong Kong, I had food poisoning and could not eat any food. Although I wanted to go back home, I endured it as I was given the honor to participate in that competition on behalf of my country. I found out I was pregnant after three months. I felt both surprised and delighted.

Have not you planned to be pregnant at that time?

Yes. I have only planned my job for the next two to three years while putting aside having a baby. However, when I knew I was pregnant, the essential things of my life seemed nothing to me. 

Of course, baby adds amazing color to our life.

Our baby gives us wonderful energy. I am powered by that energy I would never get anywhere else, when I wake up in the morning and see my son`s smile. I will do anything for my little one. Since the birth of my son, my family atmosphere has changed a lot. I felt like three of us are living in a magical world. Real family exists after having baby. 

Are you getting tired being a mom?

Of course, I feel so tired. However, the mother who is raising her baby is never burdened. I think our result of the thinking is strong. If I always complain as I am so tired, it will come true. If I see everything positively, everything will be okay.

Success of Asian Top Model O.Ariunzul

  • In 2010 "International Fashion Festival"
    Best Model
  • In 2011 "Asian Super Model contest"
    Asian Top Model
  • In 2012 "Miss Manchuria 2011"
    Third place
  • In 2013 "Miss Russia International"
    Winner and Audience Award
  • In 2013 New face of "Coca Cola Russia"dedicated for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
  • In 2014 "Miss Model Of the World"
    Top 10 Model



Before giving birth you may used to sleep all night. But after having baby you have to be up all night. How much sleep do you lose at night?

Yes indeed. New mother faces with many challenges. I wake up at night to feed my baby for many times. At first, I could not get used to it and I fed my baby while sleeping. Even though I am spending every night without sleep, I feel happy when I see my son.

How did your view change after becoming a mother?

Women come to the world to become mother. Women are an expression of perfection. Therefore, except being beautiful, women`s key role is to raise their children. Breast milk is irreplaceable and God's blessing. One should be very proud to feed their baby with breast milk. Once poet B.Lhagvasuren said that “Let`s love our women thinking that milk pours from her breasts.”. 




Poet B.Lhagvasuren once said that milk smells from breastfeeding mother. He mentioned that he smelt his mother`s smell from the breastfeeding mother passed by him.

The smell of breastfeeding mother might be the nicest smell in the world and can not be compared with any other smell. Worldview of women change after delivery. Either the appearance of women changes and looks more beautiful. Everybody grows up by being fed with breast milk. Therefore, we need to love our mothers. After having baby, I missed my mother more. I would like to express my gratitude and love for my mother through this interview.

Some mothers stop breastfeeding a baby for their beauty. What do you think about this?

World Health Organization concluded that exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age. For me, I will follow this recommendation. Our mothers recommend that too. Children will grow up healthy, if they are fed with breast milk. Thus, I do not agree that women will loose their beauty. Health of my child is even more important than being beautiful. 

When our baby cries, he wakes up and brings to me and says “Feed the baby”.



How did your husband B.Amarhuu act when he found out that you were pregnant?

My husband is kind and loves children. He dreamt of having child before so he was really excited.

Your husband might be good at babysitting. He was taking care of his baby at the backstage of “Goyol” Festival. 

My husband looks after our baby when I have to work. He is the best father. He understands my job well. Sometimes modeling will continue from the morning until late night, which requires a lot of patient from him to understand me. Occasionally, my husband goes to concert for many days. At that time, we just understand and support each other.  




Is your husband up all night?

Our son was sleeping apart from us until turned 3-4 months. But we are sleeping together now. When our baby cries, he wakes up and brings to me and says “Feed the baby”. 

Does your husband wash baby clothes?

Of course he did. He washed until recently. After having baby, parents have to take great responsibility. 

It is popular among the modern people to hire babysitter. How about your family?

Both of us do not like such thing. We do our housework together. My husband cooks really delicious food. We have not planned to hire babysitter. We enjoy doing our housework together. I don’t agree with the idea that housework should only be done by women. It is an outdated concept. I am trying my best to become good housewife. 

My childhood memory with my father at the river bank of Herlen is still in my heart

Your childhood is very interesting to me. As we talked about being mother, tell me about your mother?

There are so many things I would like to talk about my childhood. I was born in center of Dornod aimag. I have a sister who is one year older than me. We grew up by singing, crying and playing together. My sister`s name is O.Oyunzul, she is a lawyer and a fitness model. I am always proud of my sister and learn a lot from her. We have raised with love in art. My mother used to prepare us for dance and song competition since kindergarten. My mother is a teacher by profession and she is very kind and hard-working.


My father is an athlete. He would wake up us at 4am in the morning and run along the Herlen river. My father always taught me that women must be strong. My childhood memory with my father at the river bank of Herlen is still in my heart.

Do you want to breath air of your birthplace?

Sometimes I visit to my parents to breath the fresh air of birthplace. Anyway I visit them two to three times a year. When I visit my parents, days passe like a bullet from a gun. I miss my home occasionally. After delivery, my word stuck in my throat when I listened to my parents’ and grandmother`s voice.

Were you modest child? You are very calm and kind.

I was modest since my childhood. I was calm and kind girl who only did her lesson. Besides I like sewing. I was sewing international ethnic puppet all night.

Fathers tend to be protective of their daughter. Was your father protective of you from boys?

Of course. He wouldn’t let me out at night. If I was late at my school, he would start to look for me. But he taught me a lot instead of supervising. I grew up close with my grandmother. My grandmother taught me all the good things. I used to talk with my grandmother while drinking milk tea. 

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People should never loose their humanitarian side and kindness when they succeed

You set your foot into fashion industry after showing success at “Unsgeljin” beauty contest?

First, I have participated in “Unsgeljin” beauty contest in Dornod aimag when I was 13. At that time, my modelling teacher Bolormaa was judging the contest. Then I was awarded “Model with Future Prospects”. My model career has started from that contest. Following that I came to UB to compete for “Winter Fashion” festival. My father did not like it at all, because of his misunderstanding about modeling. Then I stopped modeling and started to pay attention to the classes. Previously, I attended many competitions not telling my father. When I was a high school student, I competed for fashion festival among Mongolia, China and Russia. My father agreed for me to compete and said if I win this festival, he would allow me to become a model. Then I became the Best Model and I was accepted.

What do you feel when you started to succeed?

Some people who succeed seem to change their behavior and personality. I do not like such thing. People need to be themselves and not forgetting who were they in the past. Also people should never loose their humanitarian side and kindness. If you think positively all the time, things will be easier for you. Therefore, no matter how I succeed, it is right to be myself. 

You became face of many foreign brands and you became popular with many Mongolians?

I worked in Moscow for a half year. Moreover, I have been invited for fashion shows of not only Russian designers, but also foreign famous designers. Foreign designers love to cooperate with Mongolian models because we are skilled. Most of fashion shows chose me as main model.

You were announced as face of Coca Cola brand at 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. I remember your photo was published in “Vogue” magazine.

Yes. Many models from most agencies in Moscow competed for the face of Coca Cola at 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Only one model was to be selected and I was that one model. Technically, our models are good and never feel the lack of ability. Russian Agency proposed me to participate in fashion shows of Designer Constantin Gaidai. Since then he put me on his main designs. As “Vogue”, my photo wearing his new collection of SS14 was published. 



Which foreign agencies did propose you to cooperate?

Fashion agencies from Italy submitted proposals to work. Currently, I put aside my work temporarily due to my baby.

Before the “Goyol” Festival, many expected you would become this year`s top model. Moreover, some media wrote that Ariunzul became top model in Asia, but she is still not top model in Mongolia.

As “Goyol” Festival, it is specific as it has many years of history. It is not important for me to be awarded Top Model or not. The most essential thing is to take pleasure from my job and be inspired by others. It is nice to raise my country`s name in international arena. From there I receive good sense and energy.



People think that models are empty-headed. What do you think about it?

Generally, the public seemed to have little understanding about models and beauty pageant participants. Maybe there is someone who is defaming this community besides there is someone who is raising the reputation of this community. But I understood that misunderstanding of models and misses among public have changed positively. We are not empty-headed. Many talented guys are competing at high-level contests abroad representing our country. Their skills and talents cannot be denied.

I heard that you earned degree in business. Do you have interest to work in that field?

I have graduated from University of the Humanities with degree in business management. I have interest to set my foot in family business. 

My son was born on same day as my husband

 What did the runway give you?

At first, runway gave me the feeling that modeling is the only job I need to do in my life and the place where I find happiness. Any person will be inspired much, if they find themselves like this. I think, doing the job I love is the key to success.

I am waiting for you to say another thing…

Yes indeed. Runway helped me to meet my husband. We first met during the filming of “Big Fish” movie. I was 19 and he was 24. Both of us were young. We were in relationship for over a year and started to live together.

Therefore everything is meaningful. Any encounter is not sudden…

Yes, everything is meaningful. I believe destiny truly exists. My son was born on same day as my husband. Plus we have not planned him, but he came to us like god’s blessing.

You exactly gave the greatest gift for your husband on his birthday…

On that day, I was preparing my birthday gift to my husband. Suddenly, I felt natural labor pain and delivered my baby.

It means you have duty to gratify two guys on same day every year?

Yes. It is going to be busy day. We are both lucky that we have found each other.   

Singer B.Amarhuu seemed to love his wife and always tries to satisfy his wife?

He surprises me a lot. If your husband understands and supports the job you love, the family atmosphere will be improved. However I do not want to set aside my family even though my husband supports my job. I need to handle both of them.

You mentioned that your husband B.Amarhuu cooks well. What is your favorite food cooked by him?

I like my husband`s stew with ribs and vegetables.

What is the basics of stable love for couples?

Of course love for each other. If their love is true, they will overcome any problems. 

True man is the one who is able to make his woman to feel beautiful and love forever

Do you read your husband`s texts?

His phone rings all the time. I do not really care, because we believe in each other.

What is your favorite flavor?

My mother`s soup with steamed rolls and my father`s steamed soup covered with flour. My father cooks steamed soup covered with flour for me for my every visit.

What is the nicest smell?

Smell of my mother is the nicest. Also the smell of my son is the best one too.

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?

I look at their eyes. Because eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Can you tell me your precious memory of love?

I was 19 years old and I have never had a boyfriend before. I thought that I would never marry an artist. Because I grew up with a thought that artists are shallow-hearted. B.Amarhuu was asking me who I would marry. Even I responded I will not marry an artist, but I did. I married an artist now. Thus, life is unexpected.

How angry are you?

It is sure that I smile all the time. I am angry when it is needed. However I prefer to solve the problems in a peaceful way.

What is the most expensive gift that can not be bought or measured with money?

My son. He is blessing of a god.

Can you name the most adorable things of your husband?

He is very adorable. My husband is elegant. Sometimes he acts like a child and it seems very adorable to me.

What would you do if you encounter woman with same dress as yours?

I won’t care and pass by.

What would you do if your husband praises the beauty of other woman next to you?

My husband has never praised other woman next to me. He always expresses his love for me and says “You are the only one”.  It is pathetic to see when man would look at other girls while walking with his wife. True man is the one who is able to make his woman to feel beautiful and love forever.

Thank you for the interview. 

Photo and Video By: D.Javhlantugs, A.Ariunbold

"I thought I would not marry with artist, but I did."

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