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Hakuho M.Davaajargal sets new record in Sumo history


In January 2015, 69th Yokozuna DAVAAJARGAL Munhbat breaks the record of Sumo, which has 1700 years of history. 

Yokozuna Taiho has become the holder of the record with 32 wins, while Hakuho Davaajargal have bettered the record with 33 wins. Yokozuna Taiho told Hakuho Davaajargal to advance his success, before his death. 



Hakuho Davaajargal was awarded "Labour Hero" medal at the order of the President. He stated that my father once said: "I became Wresting Champion in 20th century. My son became Yokozuna in 21st century." Eight years ago, I had gratified my father by becoming Yokozuna. Today, I recieved prestigious award from the President. Both father and I are proud to be Labour Heros. I am very grateful that I gained 33rd win and excited people of Japan and Mongolia. Further, I will try my best to not let down their faith in me.


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Mongolian Olympic Hope in 2016 chooses professional boxing

Silver medalist of 2012 Olympics and World Championship N.Tugstsogt, who was named as 2016 Olympic hope of Mongolia, officially announced his career in professional boxing in January. 

Currently, he resides in Los-Angeles, USA and has become popular with his shorter nickname, “King Tug,” in professional boxing world. 

In 2015, he made four professional fights and won all of them while three of which were scored with knockout. 

Total of 1174 boxers included in the World lightweight rankings of professional boxing while N.Tugstsogt ranks 228th with 100 percent of wins. 

International Master G.Otgontsetseg to represent Kazakhstan during the next Olympics

One of the best Judokas Otgontsetseg Galbadrakh, competing in 48kg female category, is to compete in the name of Kazakhstan. 

The female ranking of the Judokas in 48kg female category is led by Mongolian Judoka Urantsetseg Munkhbat with 3180 points and Judoka G.Otgontsetseg ranks 9th with 1258 points. Due to the strict regulations to have only one judoka at one weight category Mongolian team faced dilemma. In this regard, Mongolian Judo Federation had to accept Kazakhstan's proposal to have Mongolian athlete as legionaire.

G.Otgontsetseg refused Mongolian citizenship and became citizen of Kazakhstan. 

She wrestled in the name of Kazakhstan for the first time at World Championships in Astana and was defeated by South Korean judoka. 

Following she won bronze medals from Tashkent Grand Prix and Qingdao Grand Prix as well as she won at Jeju Grand Prix. 

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Wrestler from Umnudelger soum won at Naadam Festival after 16 years

Native of Umnudelger soum of Khentii aimag State Hawk E.Oyunbold wins over State Lion P.Burentugs and wins the Naadam Wrestling this year securing the title of State Lion. 

Therefore, winner wrestler from Umnudelger soum followed the most wining wrestler at Naadam Wrestling B.Bat-Erdene came out after 16 years. 

Wrestling world receives six new Falcons including native of Erdenedalai soum of Dundgobi aimag A.Altanhuyag, native of Jargalant soum of Gobi-Altai aimag Sh.Shinebayar, native of Bayanhairhan soum of Zavhan aimag G.Baasandorj, native of Bugan soum of Arhangai aimag Ch.Ganzorig, native of Munhhaan soum of Suhbaatar aimag B.Batjargal, native of Turgen soum of Uvs aimag D.Enhbayar and native of Erdenedalai soum of Dundgobi aimag E.Dash. 

Native of Chandmani soum of Hovd aimag N.Batzaya and native of Javhlant soum of Selenge aimag became State Hawks. 

We would like to highlight that the best 16 wrestlers of Naadam Festival had successfully passed doping tests.

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Judokas succeed at the World Judo Championship in Astana

Mongolian judokas have not succeeded at 2003, 2007 and 2011 World Judo Championships except 5th place. However, judokas D.Sumiya, S.Nyam-Ochir and S.Munhzaya won bronze medals from 2015 World Judo Championship in Astana. Moreover, male judokas of Team Mongolia has won first ever bronze medal in team competition at the Judo World Championship 2015. Mongolian judge M.Buhbat appointed as judge at World Judo Championship. 

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Amusing success at World Wrestling Championship after 40 years

Total of 16 weights of wrestling male and female categories, four of which were qualified, while four of which were competed for bronze medal. It was an amusing success. 

S.Battsetseg won her second gold medal from the World Championship. This is the 50th medal in the history of wrestling in Mongolia. S.Tserenchimed won silver medal from the World Championship, while O.Nasanburmaa received bronze medal and secured the olympic qualification. 

P.Unurbat and B.Nomin won silver medlas, while E.Behbayar won bronze medal and G.Mandahnaran and J.Chuluunbat proved their Olympic rights. 

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11 athletes qualified for 2016 Olympic rights

11 athletes from Mongolia have received the right to participate in Olympic Games so far. 

Mongolian National Judo Team has still been competing for the Olympic rights and they are aiming to have rights for whole male and female teams. Even though our boxers have not received medal from AIBA World Boxing Championship held in Doha 2015, they will participate in two Olympic qualifying tournaments. 

Following athletes qualified for the Summer Olympic 2016. 


  • Otryadiin Gundegmaa - Labor Hero and Mongolian State Honored Athlete O.Gundegmaa received the first right to participate in Rio 2016 Olympics from Mongolia at ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup in Changwon, Republic of Korea. 
  • Ganhuyagiin Nandinzaya - International Sports Master G.Nandinzaya placed 4th at ISSF Riffle/Pistol World Cup in Benning, USA and qualified to Rio Olympics.
  • Tsogbadrahiin Munhzul Цогбадрахын Мөнхзул - International Master Ts.Munkhzul placed 6th at Olympic Qualifier ISSF World Cup for Rio 2016 in Gabala city, Azerbaijani. 


  • Bat-Ochiriin Ser-Od - Mongolian State Honored Athlete B.Ser-Od placed 6th at Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2015.


  • Soronzonboldiin Battsetseg - She won gold medal from 2015 World Championship at 63 kg and qualified for the Olympic Games. 
  • Purevjaviin Unurbat - Silver medalists of 2015 Wrestling World Championship.
  • Erdenebatiin Behbayar - Bronze medalist of 2015 Wrestling World Championship.
  • Ochirbatiin Nasanburmaa - She placed 5th at 2015 Wrestling World Championship in Las-Vegas, USA. 
  • Ganzorigiin Mandahnaran - He placed 5th at 2015 Wrestling World Championship in Las-Vegas, USA. 
  • Jargalsaihanii Chuluunbat - He placed 5th at 2015 Wrestling World Championship in Las-Vegas, USA. 


  • Jantsangiin Gantugs - Placed 2nd at 19th Asian Archery Championships in Bangkok.
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