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Traffic accident have dropped by 35.9 percent due to the revised law on road traffic safety

On Sep 01, 2015 

The biggest event happened in social is amendments to law on road traffic safety. Many changes have been made to driver's violation score system. The law was launched from Sep 01.


  • If a driver not using seat belt, the driver will be fined by MNT 96,000.
  • If a driver ride vehicle while drunk, the driver will be fined by MNT 384.000 and a driver is not allowed to drive a vehicle for 6-24 months.
  • If a driver break speed limit,  the driver will be fined by MNT 48.000 and a driver is not allowed to drive a vehicle for 6 months. 

According to the revised law, traffic accident have dropped. Specifically, traffic accident report have decreased by 35.9 percent compared with the previous year, reported by the Traffic Police Department. 

Water purificaiton center to be reestablished

On June 13, 2015

Some might know that an unpleasant odor has been emitted lately throughout the city. It is because of water purification center, which is half a century old, and needs to be refurbished or replaced. We,, have released series of articles in Mongolian, raising issues behind the door in relation to the center.

In regards with our articles, PM visited at Water purificaiton center with his Government and released decree of A/846, referring “Establishing a working group”. The working group is going to be assigned to lead the project of establishing new water purification center and developing its draft layout, to arrange related documents and approvals from state agencies, and to tackle other issues facing and delaying the project. The total budget of new water purification is MNT 8.1 billion. 

Head of the Cabinet Secretariat, S.Bayartsogt reported that mud covering 400 thousand square meter area to be wiped out starting next spring. 

USD 312 million is required for the establishment of new water purification center and its feasibility study will be finished on Jan, 2016, reported by the Head of Water purificaiton center S.Unen. 

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Public unite against child abuse

On Feb 28, 2015

Shortly after the start of 2015, four year old girl beaten to death by her father and step mother. More than 1000 people gathered in Chinggis Square and kindled an offering lamp expressing their protest against child abuse. 

On Oct 27, criminals committed to the death of four year old girl T.Tsogt and G.Maralmaa were sentenced to 24 years. The father T.Tsogt to be detainted in a jail for first five years and will be moved to high security prison and to detain for remaining 19 years.

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New technology introduces to public transportation service and residents use smart card for ride on buses

On July 29, 2015.07.29

New advanced technology was introduced to the public transportation service. In other words, residents use smart cards for ride on buses starting July 29. 

The use of smart cards enabled to improve the public trasportation services as the data regarding the daily commuters tracked in real time and the budget became transparent, which in turn allowed to monitor the subsidies from the goverment.

Prices for the smart card is MNT 3600. Residents are able to buy smart cards from 190 card issuing spots which are available at the service centers nearby bus stops. 

"Head of the Labor Union of Erdenes TT set himself on fire

On Nov 13, 2015

Head of Labor Union of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC S.Erdene set himself on fire during press conference which was held at National Information Center.

He protested against Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi's decision on transferring their employee to Chinese company. 30-40 percent of his body has burned and he got serious injury on his respiratory system. 

In regards to this case, PM issued an order to dismiss the Executive Director of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC B.Batnileg. 

Auction winner Abdul Karim refused from privatization of the Printing Industry

On Nov 30th, 2015

One of the featured events happened in 2015 is the auction of Printing Factory building located at the east side of State House. 

The lowest price auction for the two-storey building commissioned for use in printing industry in 1929 was MNT 7 155 000 000 and the bid was starting at MNT 715 500 000. The building covers total of 5244 square meter area. 

Interestingly, Native of Iran Abdul Karim announced as the winner of the auction of building located in A-class area of the city. He won with the highest bid of MNT 24 billion. 

As the negative rumor by the public and media was spread, Mongolian citizen Abdul Karim officially announced his refusal from privatization of the building.  

He stated on his refusal that "I married with my wife Baljinnyam in 1996 and started my own business in 1998 purchasing the building of "Ugalz Impex". We export sheep wool, intestines and Mongol ger to UK, New Zealand, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia as well as we do activities to promote Mongolia in accordance with the legislation. I am regretting on baseless and misleading information about my family have spread on media. I will cancel the purchase of printing factory of "Ulaanbaatar Times" newspaper." 

Therefore, the building will be purchased by the Director of "Tavan Bogd" group Ts.Baatarsaihan who proposed the second highest bid of  MNT 23.8 billion in accordance with the law. 

"Tavan Bogd" group planned to use the building as trade and service center named “Galleria Ulaanbaatar” by restoring the building keeping its historic side. 

MNT 20,000 per child is to be directed at households with low income

Government for Solution approved to grant MNT 20.000 in every month for per children aged 0-18 years starting Oct, 2012. 

The benefit provided by the Human Development Fund to be issued in 2016. However, PM Ch.Saikhanbileg suggested to classify the living of those children into 20 levels and cutting the subsidies for the top 3 levels.

In other words, more than 823.000 children covered in 1-17 levels to receive the benefits while children covered in 18-20 levels who have good living standarts not to receive the benefit. 

According to the research, 83 percent of total children in Mongolia are subject to 1-17 levels and to receive MNT 20.000 in every month until 18 year old.  

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