Kh.Badamgerel:If I sought the fault from others, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal today


2016-01-01 15:07 GMT+8

"Everybody has opportunity to shine..." this words expresses her nature and reason for success. This time we featured Director of "Andra" fashion agency and Top Model Kh.Badamgerel.

Shortly after you gave birth to your son, you walked runway of “Goyol” fashion festival and inspired many others.

There were a lot of rumors on social media that “patience of a woman with only tights in cold winter made her to win the title of “Top Model”. Is it important to win “Top Model” title from Goyol Fashion Festival than anything for models? Or do you really love your profession so much that you could sacrifice yourself even after delivery?

People tend to think that woman who gives birth loses her beauty. However, the body shape after delivery can be fixed and improved. In other words, body fat and sagging skin is temporary and it can look even more beautiful than before. You just have to focus on postpartum care and take care of your body. My mom says that woman has always keep her beauty. Therefore, woman should never think “it is over, because I give birth”. We must put all our effort for taking care of ourselves. My mother always told me that woman must not loose herself at any situation. No matter how you are tired, apply lipstick and comb your hair. She taught me that even the busy one has the time to look in the mirror. I will nurture my children this way. Also I teach this principles to my students as well.

So it is not true that you walked with only tights in cold winter, shortly after your delivery?

I had never walked with only tights in cold winter. I wore big and warm bathrobe at the backstage of “Goyol” festival. Of course, I tried to take care of my body in order to recover from delivery. I wanted to inspire many mothers like me by walking on runway of “Goyol” festival. Technically, it is not about walking on a runway, I just wanted to show how much patience one should have to do the job one is passionate about. On the other hand, it was my goal and work feature.

How many years did it take to become Top Model?

It has been 11 years since I have put my foot on a runway. But it is for others to count it by years. For me, runway is one of the passions and reason of my life. During that time, I kicked off and laid aside for many times.  I aimed at finding my life position at fashion industry where I spent many times and energy. If person has a goal, one has to achieve it. I learned more from sacrifice and I created my own values. At least, I learned to express myself properly.

What is the next after Top Model?

This is the job of young blood. My life is not only related to being on runway. I have a husband and child. Today I am balancing between my work and family. I am confident I can handle them both in the future. Next step in my career is to challenge myself in other sectors. I will create my own space in education sector and put all my efforts at educating youth. I will achieve this goal. I will keep improving self-learning.

We might attract others’ attention by walking strongly and straight. But we are human beings, just like others.

Success of Miss Kh.Badamgerel

  • "Unsgeljin beauty contest 2007" - Gold Medal
  • "Miss Mongolia 2009" - Winner
  • "Goyol 2010 Fashion Festival" - Best Model
  • "МоdArt 2011" - Vision Top Model
  • "Goyol 2015 Fashion Festival" - Top Model

We might attract others’ attention by walking strongly and straight

There are many scandals about “Goyol” fashion festival. How fair is the competition?

Mongolian Designers Association has been organizing it for quite long period. “Top Model” title has begun to be awarded since 2001. By granting this title, proper competition was created among models. Hence, there are still some people who do not agree with it. It does not have to be accepted by everyone. To think, models awarded “Top Model” title from “Goyol” fashion festival are the ones who are also accepted by public. It has been a tradition of 28 years. E.Odgerel and D.Bolormaa are fully accepted by the public. Everyone respects and learns from them.

There is a common understanding that success of models is related with rich men. Specifically, they receive financing from rich men.

Last year “Goyol” fashion festival organizers wanted to prove that this common understanding is misleading. I was very inspired when was named the “Top Model” from “Goyol” fashion festival. My husband congratulated me, hugged and kissed me on the stage. This should have proved that the common misunderstanding among people is false. I am proud to be married. Having family means one is learning from life. There are many Top Models who are married. Mongolians tend to look at things from its negative side. I justify my models. Because, it is choice of an individual no matter how one acts. New generation of models need to have a serious stance in this regard. Personal opinion and their upbringing is important here.

Where does this misleading understanding of models come from?

Both good and bad people always exist in every sector. This issue related to one’s consciousness. This misunderstanding spread among people caused by one`s reckless actions. It is not only issue for models, but also people should be aware how they behave in public.

Some fashion teachers said to be making money using their models… 

It is caused by the interest of the models themselves, not their teachers. For me, I always try to be good example for my disciples and try to direct for the right choice. 

People do wonder about Top Models being present at some state visit events. 

I do not know one case of Top Models involved in foreign visit. However, Top Models are officially invited for high-level state visits taking place in Mongolia, as they are face of the country.

Movies display fashion industry as a place of unfair competition. How about Mongolia?

There is no such phenomenon in Mongolia. Fortunately, Mongolians are not evil-minded and they do not do harmful things to each other along with consciousness and cultural traditions. I am not sure of the situation in other sectors, but fashion industry has a lot of rumors. However, rumors follows the people who are achieving success or people who already succeeded.

Everybody has advantage, great inspiration and space to be proud of themselves. Just find them from within yourself

When you become popular, you have no right to do mistake. Is it true?

Generally, yes. I have worked with people from all sectors.  They say that I am completely different than my looks. People see us from more critical perspective. I had different views before giving birth. I thought that I have to be beautiful and flawless all the time. After having baby, I thought that it is not necessary to wear high heels when carrying my baby in my arms. I learned the difference between when and what to wear. 

Have you become arrogant?

Yes, I did. But at that time, the person decides where to head. If you choose the right choice, people will start to respect you. If you have dignity, you must have sense to raise it. For me, I am critical for being arrogant.    

What do you think about the person who is always critical to others?

What is the use of criticizing others? The most important thing is, what it will bring to you? Somehow it may take a lot of pleasure for someone. Some people might feel good to sit behind a computer and insult others. But people cause anger for themselves by criticizing and insulting others. Now I have learned not to be hurt from criticism. Any fool person can criticize. However, constructive criticism is different issue.

Were you hurt from criticism at first?

Of course, I did. I was taking everything close to my heart after becoming a miss. Then I realized that there is no need to be offended by critics of a person I have never met.

What will be your word to person who seeks for fault?

Everybody has advantage, great inspiration and space to be proud of themselves. Just find them from within yourself. In doing so, you will stop seeking for faults and you will learn to think before criticizing others. Even though you blow out a candle of others, the candle in front of you will never get lit. It is the main idea of our interview.

First mistake is not a mistake. The second can be equivalent to the effort. But the third time should not happen

Would you agree that criticism mainly comes from the lack of confidence?

Then they should find a way to become self-confident. Mongolian youngsters are lazy sometimes. They avoid doing something and tend to sit aside from work. It is not a crime to loose. If you made mistake, you will learn to do right the next time in order not to fail again. If your brain works, it means that you will be more creative next time. I would like to say to people to not be afraid of making mistake. First mistake is not a mistake. The second can be equivalent to the effort. But the third time should not happen. Confucius once said as no one is perfect people can make mistake. But one who has made a mistake and doesn’t correct it, is laying grounds for another mistake.

It seems that fashion industry has made you stronger. Because you said that you ignore the abuse and criticism.

I had concept that I should be humble and good at lessons when I was at middle school. Also I was short compared with other girls in my class. I started to grow taller in 6th grade. At that time, I faced many challenges and I understood that I would not be accepted by others unless I protect myself and express myself correctly. Fashion industry has changed me a lot. H.Badamgerel 12 years ago would have avoided giving an interview. I found my current “myself” after being blamed for many things, criticized for many times and kicked off from many events.

Have you ever been expelled from fashion runway?

Of course I have. I have been expelled from the first selection of “Unsgeljin” festival in 2005 and “Goyol” fashion festival in 2006. When I think about that moment, it feels good now, because I haven’t been discouraged and I passed the next year. If I sought the fault from others at that time, I wouldn’t have achieved my goal today. Why people can’t hear “no” from someone. We have no courage to hear “you have failed, you are not enough, and you are bad”. We have to bear the “no” in order to hear “you are good”.

Person can be divided into two groups by one reacts to criticism. One would be motivated from criticism, while other would be depressed. You belong to first group, right?

Yes. Everybody has opportunity to shine. It is important to see things through several lenses. If you failed looking straight just turn right. This might be the optimism. Everything becomes possible with positive attitude.Many girls were studying at fashion agency with me. However, few of them chose the modeling career.

If you gave up at that time…

It is doubtful whether I would be able to express myself today… Things can be changed in many ways. Maybe I would have become an office staff and doing the job I did not really like. The principle I have learned from my parents and grandfather is to try everything using every possibility. On the other hand, I was sharpened by people who were saying to me “you cannot do it”. That is why today I am more successful than yesterday.

The person who was with me at the most difficult time has the right to share my happiest moments

Have you taken all you want from life?

Of course, there is still something left that I couldn’t achieve. But I will try my best to achieve it. There are things that one gets satisfied by achieving certain level and other things that call for a different approach. On the other hand, sometimes there is an overwhelming thought that I could try with a different approach. I try to have positive outlook on things which helps me to save the nerves. May be it was the main driver of me today.

What discouraged you?

I was discouraged when I was carrying my baby. People`s attitude have changed at that time. Many of those I thought I could trust have turned their backs on me. Although I have been discouraged at that time it did not destroyed me. If that had destroyed me, probably there wouldn’t have been Andra Model Agency today.

Exactly, it seems that all those ups and downs in our lives let us to really see who is who…

Indeed. I have uncovered many of those who were around me. But I am so much grateful that I know who is who. Probably, those who turned their backs have thought that my career will end with my pregnancy. May be it was partly my fault, if I have let them think that way. The person who was with me at the most difficult time has the right to share my happiest moments. Those who are around me now have passed this criteria and are those who have been on my side in my most difficult times. Therefore, they can count on me as well. I would be happy to help them in their time of need with what I can and afford.

Many do believe that women have some witch properties. Do you believe in that?

I do have. But what I do count as witchy is the ambition, competition and envy for encouraging myself to achieve more. I think that evil and good both reside in human being. I could be saint around my child and family, but on the job I could be competitive. Being witchy is not about doing bad things to others.

What will make Badamgerel fade?

If there are no kids around me and if I lose their trust in me. On top of that I would fade easily if my parents will lose their trust in me. I am happiest if my parents are happy. I will fade if those whom I love and care about will lose their faith and trust in me. On the other hand, their words of trust and love such as ‘I love you’ will light me up right away. The only word of love heard from my boy will make me happiest. Meaning of life for me is to live for my child…

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I am lucky because I have found my other half and my reflecion

As many like to say behind successful man there is wise woman behind. I think it is vice versa?

I can fully agree with that. I have found my happiness. Beside him I feel tranquil, happy and find my purpose

Is it a luck to find your other half?

I am lucky because I have found my other half and my reflection. My husband always says “You are my reflection”. It is an enormous trust from him. It pushes me to strive for more and be the reflection of him, who is very talented and skilled

Are you jealous?

Sometimes I do get jealous, I love him dearly. But my heart always feels that he loves only me. I do not have to worry about that until he keeps me dearly in his heart.

Men want to see a princess they have first met for the rest of life. But with course of time women start to lose themselves, which probably leads a man to turn other ways…

You might be right. I believe woman should be looking good at home and be attractive to her husband. Why one should be lazy to look good in front of a man you love?

I have tried to do good deeds on my son`s birthday

If you really love someone, you must love him as who he is. But some people think differently…

You must love someone as who is he/she. However, it does not mean that you have to show your weakness. If your hair is mess, who will say you are pretty. Women come to this world to brighten men with our beauty, raise their kids, support and be proud of them.  

What was the last book you have read?

Last time, I read “Uul Bid Hoyor” (Mountain and Me. Editorial note) by Mrs.B.Delgertuya. I really liked it. I realized that there are many things to learn from her. She followed her husband and lived in Huvsgul for three years in a ger. She faced many challenges like this. She is the woman that we should be proud of.

Could you live in the countryside along with your husband?

I asked this question from myself. I have courage to follow my husband, if it is necessary. That is what family for.

I heard that you do good deeds on your birthday?

I used to celebrate my birthday with my friends and having blast. For the last three years, I am trying to help others with my friends and colleagues. For me, it makes me happy to help people as much as I can who needed help, rather than gathering my friends and having fun with them. I donated to treatment costs of brothers with disease last October during my son`s birthday. I have planned to make good deed on my son`s birthday. I wish with all my heart for my son learn for humanity and tenderness by looking at the charities of us.

Thank you for very insightful interview.

Photo and Video by D.Javhlantugs and O.Suhbat

"Woman has always keep her beauty."

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