Mongolians developed home automation system present at CES 2016


2016-01-12 10:30 GMT+8

Ametros Solutions, a company which developed and designed wireless charger at first, is presenting their home automation system at the biggest technological exhibition CES 2016 today. 

Their products are unique, innovative and they are running business in highly competitive sector which requires intelligence. 

The Greek adjective Ametros describes what is immense, immeasurable or extravagant. 

Dobu home automation system is a comprehensive home automation and security system that integrates advanced technologies, such as IoT, embedded operating systems, and wireless sensor networking. It is a smart home assistant that offers a convenience of universal remote controller and acts as an information hub of the house. Dobu system enables a real-time communication between the house and the owner. It gives the owner the total control of the house, including its appliances, while serving as a protective shield. More importantly, Dobu features true automated functions that are rooted in intelligent decisions done by self-learning algorithm. 

It was proud to see that Mongolian youth make design, assemble and develop the electronic solutions as well as operating system based on Android by themselves. 

It is worth to mention that they produced better products compared with foreign brands in some way. 

Today there are many big and small companies developing home automation system including Google, Philips, Amazon. However, most of them partially developed the home automation system. 

CEO of Ametros Solutions D.Tulgabaatar stated: "As our operating range becomes wider, more opportunities to be created. On the other hands, we see that developing home automation system comprehensively is the key to succes."

The simplest package of the company is “Dobu Essentials” worth MNT 2,9 million which includes two sensors, smart switches, smart socket and Dobu control panel. 

Ametros Solutions released their products two months ago and attracted more than 20 users including Burger King branch restaurants in Mongolia, private entities and public organizations. 

Technically, the company is operating successfully. The products have been launched successfully on domestic market with very positive feedbacks from its customers and now they are presenting at the biggest technological expo.

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Currently, they are making negotiations with investors from USA and Mongolia on expanding the production, developing the products and improve the marketing operation with the aim to raise big investment.  

Besides they are practicing students of National University of Science and Technology at their industry. 

May the development of Ametros Solutions Co., LTD which supports new generation and follows new technological developments, will be limitless as their name. 

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