Long Term Development and Financial Market Development Strategy

Editor S.Odbayar

2016-01-15 10:40 GMT+8

The first national forum on Development of the Financial Market will cover the discussions and speeches on long term development and its strategy by both foreign and domestic specialists, consultants and Members of the Parliament.

The plenary session covers the issues on Long term development and Financial market strategy of Mongolia discussing on:

  • increasing the financial outreach,
  • lowering the powerty,
  • Ulaanbaatar as the regional financial center
  • mid-term monetary policy and new balance of macro economy
  • further directions of the budget policty
  • Legal environment and financial market development covering discussions on Dubai experience of becoming the regional financial center, financial disputes and its legal solution and participation of the lawyers.

Other parallel sessions will discuss issues covering the following aspects:

  • New investment environment - financial market
  • Financial services outreach - measures of lowering the poverty
  • Bank and insurance sector - new models at the capital market
  • Company governance, audit and reporting

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