SMOG: Beijing VS Ulaanbaatar


2016-01-18 10:18 GMT+8

In order to decrease the air pollution Ministry of Environment of People's Republic of China is implementing "Intensifying Air Pollution Management Plan 2013-2017".

In view of this plan the air pollution alert is classified into blue, yellow, orange and red. With the help of these measures China hopes to reduce the air pollutant substances by 2017 by at least 30 percent. 

In past December the air pollution in Beijing has exceeded the standards and the authorities have sparked red alert, leading to the closure of the primary schools, kindergartens and cars have been allowed to take part in traffic by the even and odd numbers. 

While in Ulaanbaatar city there is no distinct plan or program on reduction of the air pollution yet.

World Health Organization /WHO/ has warned that Ulaanbaatar air pollution has exceeded significantly and reached the disastrous levels.

Examples of the extreme air pollution by the Air Quality Index advises to stay at home when the metrics reach PM 2.5 or minim particle dust substance reaches 301-500, which is consideres dangerous for the health. While the smog in Ger-areas of Ulaanbaatar city this metric determined by WHO exceeds at least once a week. 

The bad part of this is that nor the citizens and authorities have no idea of these disastrous situation at all and do not implement any measures to reduce the air pollution.

The comparison of the air pollution levels are shown in photos below.

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