MNT 427 billion to be invested in Ulaanbaatar city


2016-01-22 10:27 GMT+8

At the "Ulaanbaatar Investment 2016" business forum which was held on Jan 20, Finance and Economic Affairs Deputy of City Governor`s Office N.Bataa reported that MNT 427 billion is expected to be invested to Ulaanbaatar city in 2016. 

MNT 203.5 billion to be invested by city budget while Development Bank to invest MNT 120 billion to the projects to be implemented in capital city and remaining MNT 103.4 billion to be provided by local and state budget. 

Specifically, MNT 203,5 billion provided by the city budget to be invested to the following sectors:

  • Construction and Urban Development sector - MNT 59.3 billion
  • Road sector - MNT 55.1 billion 
  • Social sector - MNT 31.7 billion including 53 kindergarten, 26 secondary schools, 42 elementary schools to be built while repairs worth MNT 24.8 billion to be done at 10 kindergartens and 12 secondary schools. MNT 2.1 billion budgeted to health sector and planned to built Medical centers with 100 beds in Bayangol and Bayanzurh districts, Children hospitals with 200 beds in Chingeltei and Bayangol districts, Maternity center with 100 beds in Bayanzurh district and to purchase ten ambulance cars. 
  • Engineering Infrastructure​ - MNT 12.9 billion
  • Public Transportation sector - MNT 11.3 billion
  • City development sector​ - MNT 7.5 billion
  • Public administration sector​ - MNT 6.1 billion
  • Other - MNT 19.1 billion 

More than 1000 participants including the Members of Parliament, Members of Cabinet, City Council Representatives, City Officials, Ulaanbaatar Chamber members, representatives of International Missions, Ambassadors, investors and naitonal wealth creators have attended the "Ulaanbaatar Investment 2016" business forum, organized by the City Governor`s Office in cooperation with Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce. 

Following presentations were introduced at the forum:

  1. "Investment of Ulaanbaatar city in 2016",
  2. "Green procurement​",
  3. "Partnerships​ between public and private entities",
  4. “Friendly Ulaanbaatar” program,
  5. "Arbitration​ under Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce",
  6. "Eco-park project to improve waste management",
  7. “Eco Ulaanbaatar”,
  8. "Capital concession purchases​",
  9. “Ulaanbaatar City Development Corporation "JSC​ and partnerships between public and private entities",
  10. "City housing projects and participation​ private sector "
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